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Hello, and welcome to the Wiki for Harvest Moon: Trinity Ranch

This wiki was created for the use of new players, along side and with, older, more experienced players who may need a reference. But it was also created so that as the knowledgeable player base fades away, the information on how to play this game would still be accessible. Anyone who reads this guide and uses it will know about 90% of the game. With any luck this information can be used to help form and maintain new player bases in the future. This guide was originally created to be used on the HM: TR forms, and has been modified and edited to fit in this wiki. But,If you prefer If you are new to HM: TR, plase view this Step by Step Guide to Harvest Moon Trinity Ranch

A brief history of Harvest Moon: Trinity Ranch

Harvest Moon Trinity Ranch was created by Wildblood in 2003. During this time, the games progress was very rapid, many changes where made. Several month later, progress was slowed by other popular games of Wildblood's, such as Omnipotence, Scary Game, Iron Dogs, and several other ongoing projects. In late 2004, Wildblood's disappearance completely halted all production on his games. Later that year, Wild returned with his sequel to his unfinished HM: TR. It was called Harvest Moon: Story Everlasting. It was also during this time Wildblood released the hosting files for HM: TR. From this point forward, several players have hosted and HM: TR still remains unfinished. As for HM: SE, it too, remains unfinished.

Table of Contents
Reading the Hud, and Basic Game Systems
Jack's House
Tool Shed
Shops and Goods
The Harvest Goddess
Special Tooling
Other - Hints and Tips
Contact Information
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