Animal Medicine

Examining Animal Medicine (No Rent (?))
Cost - 500
Sale - 250
Info - Got a sick animal? don't let it die! use Animal medicine to make it recover from its illness, just remember is only half the work, some attention and love is the rest! The medicine doesn't have a long shelf life so can not be stored.

Animal Medicine is a single use item that can only be used on "cash"Animals. Animal medicine will cure a animal of any sickness it may have gained due to neglect. Since it is sometimes difficult to tell when your animal is sick by looking at it, if you attempt to use the medicine on a healthy animal, the medicine will not be used. (and it will be used if you attempt to use it on an animal that is sick.) contrary to what the information says, animal medicine can be stored. You can purchase the Grooming Brush at the Charity (See Shops and Goods)

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