IX. Animals

- Learn about the basic needs of animals.

- Learn about the many types of animals.

- Learn about the products created by these animals.

- Discover statistics about each animals.

- Learn about the "other" animals.

Animals are a major part of Harvest moon and like so, Harvest Moon: Trinity ranch has its share of animals as well. Animals will be described in detail in this part of the guide, as well as their needs, products and uses.

Learn about the basic needs of animals

There are 4 main types of animals in HM: TR that is directly used to make any substantial amount of money.

HMFodder.jpgfodder: all animals need fodder to keep them alive, with the exception of the chicken, which only needs fodder to produce, eggs (See chickens). All other animals will die without eating fodder everyday. Starting fodder can be obtained by talking to ol'Pete in the inn (See Shops and goods) Additional fodder may be obtained by growing grass seeds and harvesting it. (See Farming)

Happiness: Although an animal will not die from low happiness, it will not produce as good of a product if happiness is low. The pig,chicken, and the sheep are not affected by happiness (See Chickens,Pigs, and Sheep) Happiness can be rose by using a Brush on the animal a few times a day. A brush can be obtained from the charity/animal shop, #3 on the HM: TR Map (See HM TR Map)

Hmanimalmedicane.jpg Animal Medicine: This is used when an animal becomes sick, an animal becomes sick when you do not feed it for a number of days and a animal will die from sickness, even if fed again, without medicine. Medicine can be obtained from the Charity/Animal Shop, which is #3 on the HM: TR Map (See TR Map) Chickens are not affected by sickness.(See Chickens)

"Cash" Animals

"Transport" Animals


Other Animals


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