Basic Hosting Information

- HM: TR must be hosted using dream daemon! Because of the way the server attempts to upgrade a host, you are instantly disconnected upon trying to host. Thus making it unable to host with dream seeker.

- If a play is inactive for to long, they will get AFK-kicked from the game This is because when a person gets AFK kicked, they are deleted from the world, not logged out normally, because of this, all of there items will "stick" and become owner-less, it will also leave all of there animals out, and they will be bugged. AFK kicking, is in my opinion, the single greatest bug in HM: TR.

- Have fun with your community. The statment above may be the single greatest downfall of HM: TR, but this is the single greatest peice of advice that I can give you. Your attitude affects everyone who joins and affects weather they stay or log out moments later. Your actions determine if they stick around or not. and your comment determines if they are gonna be a part of the community or not.

This list may look small, but given your only a basic player, your gonna want to explore the well known parts of the game and get a feel if this is really for you.

You'll know when you're ready to move onto more advanced parts of hosting when you have reached a point where you're satisfied with your knowledge of the game and your players. Each server is defined by who plays it. In the steps in the next section, you can fine tune your server to what you need.

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