Basic Text Book

Examining Basic Text Book (Rare Item)
Cost - 5000
Sale - 0
Info - Pretty basic textbook with homework assignments.. can get education to 45%

This is the first text book you will need to buy.

This book will raise your education present to 45. At the rate of 3% a day, which is the approximate amount of education gained from the text book in a single day of full studying, will take you 15 game days, 120 minutes, or 2 hours.

Please note: After you finish the text book, a green message will appear saying that the book is no longer challenging and you need to move on to the advance text book.

Also note: That when you finish the text book it will not disappear, you can fix this by picking up a rock, or any other item, if all else fails, re-log.

You can purchase Basic Text Book from the School (See Schooling)

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