Board Meeting 4 27 2010

{20:03:50} Higoten says: lets begin by taking active player attendence
{20:03:50} Higoten says: any objections to anyone in this room being active?
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{20:04:16} Blue5472 says: yah
{20:04:16} Blue5472 says: higoten isnt active
{20:04:16} Hordewar says: >.> day ?
{20:04:16} Blue5472 says: :O
{20:04:41} Higoten says: does anyone second these motions for removal from the active player list?
{20:05:07} Hordewar says: :/ days jobs not really important though is it?
{20:05:07} Blue5472 says: i second removing higoten
{20:05:07} Hordewar says: <.< higo's the host though
{20:05:07} Dayofdeath says: here >.>
{20:05:07} Higoten says: you cant second it :P you firsted it
{20:05:58} Blue5472 says: i alwasy back up what i say
{20:05:58} Blue5472 says: so i can!
{20:06:24} Blue5472 says: and seeing as there is barely 4 people here i think my vote should count as 100 votes
{20:06:24} Higoten says: continueing on, does anyone name anyone who they belive to be active, although not currentally present at this metting/
{20:06:49} Hordewar says: :/ i deny ur motion
{20:07:15} Dayofdeath says: srry guys i gtg D:
{20:07:15} Higoten says: i would like to say, alex, sega, kris for starters
{20:07:15} Higoten says: bye
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{20:07:15} Hordewar says: >.> i got to get on another comp T.T bye
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{20:07:40} Higoten says: xd we just lsot our commite
{20:08:06} Higoten says: anyways, you have anyone you would like to add to the active playres list?
{20:08:57} Blue5472 says: umm
{20:08:57} Blue5472 says: blue
{20:08:57} Blue5472 says: 5482
{20:08:57} Blue5472 says: and blue5473
{20:08:57} Blue5472 says: :o
{20:08:57} Higoten says: your already on it :P
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{20:09:23} Higoten says: not including multikeys :P
{20:09:23} Blue5472 says: anyways
{20:09:23} Blue5472 says: now what
{20:09:48} Higoten says: well, on our list we currenly have 8 active players, and with the 1 gm to 7 acitve players, additional adminstarts are not req uired
{20:10:40} Higoten says: so, now we can proceed to voteing on issues
{20:11:05} Blue5472 says: okay
{20:11:05} Blue5472 says: start whats an issue
{20:11:05} Higoten says: well, if you want to, we can postpose this section till next week
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{20:11:05} Blue5472 says: NO
{20:11:05} Blue5472 says: IM ALREADY HERE I CAME no one else did
{20:11:05} Blue5472 says: i demand u start
{20:11:05} Higoten says: ok lol
{20:11:05} Higoten says: verywell
{20:11:56} Higoten says: well, the first issue is that of multikeying
{20:11:56} Hordewar says: :P hope i made it quick enough
{20:12:22} Hordewar says: wat i miss?
{20:12:22} Higoten says: I personally belive that it can be a benfit, but serval players have also made it apperent of the issues that have came with it
{20:12:48} Higoten says: just the listing of active players
{20:12:48} Higoten says: where on the voteing now
{20:12:48} Hordewar says: ok
{20:13:13} Higoten says: anyone have anything to say about this issue before we vote?
{20:13:13} Hordewar says: I DOES :D
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{20:13:39} Higoten says: you may speak freely
{20:14:04} Hordewar says: as we all know the harvest moon trinity ranch community , sadly , small
{20:14:30} Higoten says: oh, just to let you guys know, im gonna record and save everything we are saying
{20:14:56} Blue5472 says: higoten is gay
{20:14:56} Hordewar says: >.> just cause u said that im gonna swear a lot xD
{20:14:56} Dayofdeath says: ok im dayofdeath and ima fisherman :D
{20:14:56} Blue5472 says: let it be said on record
{20:14:56} Hordewar says: :P
{20:15:21} Higoten says: :P continue with your statement horde
{20:16:12} Dayofdeath says: ok see wee need more players here >.>
{20:17:04} Hordewar says: as we all know the harvest moon trinity ranch community , sadly , small. because of this the list of active players is also small, and access to all of the game cant be made with such a small amount of players. i believe it is with in player's righ
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{20:17:29} Hordewar says: rights to multikey for a job that is at that time not active
{20:17:55} Hordewar says: as long as such person doesnt abuse it
{20:17:55} Hordewar says: :3 thats all
{20:17:55} Higoten says: anything anyone wwould like to add or provide opossing views to his statment?
{20:18:20} Blue5472 says: Kila is an abuser
{20:18:20} Higoten says: is that all?
{20:18:46} Blue5472 says: i think that pretty much sums it up
{20:19:12} Higoten says: then let us proceed with the voteing, you may say your vote outloud or whisper it to me, you vote will be edited out if you wisper it to me
{20:19:37} Blue5472 says: wait
{20:19:37} Blue5472 says: is it just ur gonna allow multikeying or not?
{20:20:03} Higoten says: yep
{20:20:03} Blue5472 says: or can u make it more detailed
{20:20:28} Higoten says: you may bring up an issue to vote on at the end
{20:20:28} Hordewar says: I vote For multikeying and motion that we need a set of rule for abuse
{20:20:28} Blue5472 says: i second that vote
{20:20:54} Higoten says: then, we have 2/3
{20:20:54} Dayofdeath says: i say we deny multi key >.>
{20:20:54} Blue5472 says: we win
{20:20:54} Blue5472 says: get out!
{20:21:20} Higoten says: and hence until furter voting occurs, multikeying will be legal, with a set of currently undefined rules
{20:21:20} Hordewar says: higo its 2-1
{20:21:45} Hordewar says: :/ >.> higo didnt vote
{20:21:45} Dayofdeath says: lol
{20:21:45} Higoten says: im not voting :P im just like the offical here
{20:21:45} Hordewar says: :P but ok
{20:22:11} Hordewar says: :D ok
{20:22:11} Higoten says: now, had 5 people been here, i would have countered as the tie breaking vote
{20:22:11} Higoten says: but continueing on
{20:22:11} Hordewar says: ok
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{20:23:28} Higoten says: in part caused by the resent uproar of multikeying, it has been suggested that the iron spawn in the merchents guide be removed, or the price be increased
{20:24:19} Higoten says: other parts have considered the sheet metal price being increased
{20:24:44} Higoten says: hello
{20:24:44} Alexis Raine says: hi hi ^_^
{20:24:44} Hordewar says: how much is the iron ore right now?
{20:25:10} Higoten says: does anyone have anything to add to this before we begin voteing?
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{20:25:10} Higoten says: heres the current issue for our late attende
{20:25:36} Higoten says: {20:23:28} Higoten says: in part caused by the resent uproar of multikeying, it has been suggested that the iron spawn in the merchents guide be removed, or the price be increased
{20:24:19} Higoten says: other parts have considered the sheet metal price being increased
{20:25:36} Higoten says: idk let me check
Examining Iron Nugget (Mineral):
Cost - 100
Sale - 50
Owner -
Info - Hmm its a common hunk of iron.
{20:26:01} Higoten says: the current price of an iron nugget is 100 gold
{20:26:27} Higoten says: does anyone have anything to add to this before we begin vvoteing?
{20:26:52} Hordewar says: no
{20:27:18} Higoten says: then we will vote for this in 3 sectons, 1 for removal, 1 for price increase, and 1 for sheet medal increase
{20:27:44} Higoten says: all who vote for the removal of the iron ore may vote now
{20:27:44} Alexis Raine says: 1
{20:28:09} Blue5472 says: Aye
{20:28:09} Alexis Raine says: :3
{20:28:09} Higoten says: all who vote for the increase of the price of an iron ore may do so now
{20:28:09} Hordewar says: i
{20:28:35} Higoten says: any who vote for the increase of the price of sheet medal may do so now
{20:29:00} Hordewar says: i
{20:29:00} Higoten says: you cant vote twice
{20:29:26} Alexis Raine says: :D wuts higotens vote
{20:29:26} Higoten says: unless you belive they both should be increased
{20:29:26} Higoten says: i only vote in the occurance of a tie
{20:29:26} Hordewar says: :D thats it
{20:29:52} Alexis Raine says: ah ok
{20:30:17} Dayofdeath says: D:
{20:30:43} Dayofdeath says: -sleeps-
{20:30:43} Higoten says: then voteing is final, untill furter voting override, the iron ore spawn in the merchents guide will be removed by 2 vs 1 vs 1
{20:30:43} Hordewar says: ok
{20:31:08} Higoten says: my final issue is the addition of bed spawns in the merchents guide
{20:31:34} Hordewar says: ok
{20:31:34} Higoten says: these spawns would only be normal, non returning storage beds
{20:31:34} Alexis Raine says: yaaay :D
{20:31:34} Higoten says: and cost approximental 7.5k
{20:32:00} Hordewar says: hmmmmm
{20:32:00} Higoten says: this is due to the merchents bouns on bought items
{20:32:25} Dayofdeath says: i discline they should return to the bin cuz if some one losses their bed they will bitch about it
{20:32:25} Higoten says: does anyone have anything to add, or provide an oposeing view to this?
{20:32:51} Alexis Raine says: i have a concern also :3
{20:33:16} Hordewar says: :/ i agree
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{20:33:16} Higoten says: i am unable to create a spawn that sells the item as i edit it, so your objection is defered due to my inability
{20:33:42} Higoten says: you may all speck freely
{20:34:08} Hordewar says: ok , then the price should be lowered to bare minimum
{20:34:08} Higoten says: to?
{20:34:33} Hordewar says: it should cost no more then it costs to make the bed from scratch
{20:34:59} Alexis Raine says: i'm confused what your asking higoten
{20:34:59} Blue5472 says: if u do that no ones gonna buy beds anymore
{20:34:59} Blue5472 says: beds from carpenter =.=
{20:34:59} Hordewar says: hmmmm
{20:35:24} Hordewar says: u make a point
{20:35:24} Blue5472 says: just like wagons
{20:35:24} Alexis Raine says: *loses my job* D: *sadness*
{20:35:24} Higoten says: the issue is should beds be added to the merchent guide
{20:35:24} Blue5472 says: no one ever asks me for a wagon =.=
{20:35:50} Hordewar says: >.> i did yesterday ok lets vote :D
{20:35:50} Blue5472 says: u dont decide that!
{20:35:50} Higoten says: any other views before we begin voteing?
{20:35:50} Alexis Raine says: oh definately not :p
{20:36:16} Hordewar says: :P day and i only have like 10mins
{20:36:16} Alexis Raine says: then i'll quit my job haha
{20:36:16} Blue5472 says: who cares ur fault :O
{20:36:16} Alexis Raine says: all a carpenter has is his beds
{20:36:41} Blue5472 says: i agree
{20:36:41} Blue5472 says: dont worry team up alexis we got this >.>
{20:36:41} Dayofdeath says: hey ima throw in a sugestion higo can u make it so ppl can have 2 jobs ?
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{20:36:41} Blue5472 says: say no bed added to merchant guide
{20:36:41} Blue5472 says: guild*
{20:36:41} Alexis Raine says: okies :D
{20:37:07} Hordewar says: >.> no more problems please till after vote >.>
{20:37:07} Higoten says: im sorry, i am also unable to do that as well, due to in game limitations
{20:37:07} Higoten says: then we shall being the vote
{20:37:07} Dayofdeath says: damn
{20:37:32} Blue5472 says: i vote that we vote to vote
{20:37:32} Hordewar says: i second that
{20:37:58} Higoten says: you may say your vote outloud, or you may wishper it to me if you wish for it to remain private
{20:37:58} Alexis Raine says: lol i'm with blue tonight :D
{20:37:58} Blue5472 says: woot :o
{20:37:58} Dayofdeath says: i to say to vote for it
{20:37:58} Hordewar says: no bed s in the merc guild
{20:38:24} Blue5472 says: no beds in merchant guild
{20:38:24} Alexis Raine says: no beds in merch guild! :D
{20:38:24} Dayofdeath says: lol
{20:38:49} Hordewar says: :D majority vote :3
{20:38:49} Alexis Raine says: :D
{20:38:49} Blue5472 says: unanimous
{20:38:49} Dayofdeath says: >.> higo wat about houses >.>
{20:38:49} Blue5472 says: !
{20:39:15} Hordewar says: >.>
{20:39:15} Higoten says: by the majorilty vote, beds will not be added to the merchents guild, unless voted oposingly in the furture
{20:39:15} Blue5472 says: by unanimous vote u whores
{20:39:15} Hordewar says: ok
{20:39:15} Higoten says: houses are a work in progress
{20:39:40} Dayofdeath says: k
{20:40:06} Higoten says: well, due to the result of the first issue, my next issue is what should the rules and regulations be for mulltikeying?
{20:40:32} Dayofdeath says: only one other key the the origonal should b aloud
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{20:40:57} Higoten says: is this agrred apon?
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{20:41:23} Hordewar says: no. multikeying is allowed for a job if the job has a current active player
{20:41:23} Hordewar says: should*
{20:41:23} Blue5472 says: they shouldnt be able to use each otehr key to make money quicker than possible
{20:42:14} Higoten says: does anyone object?
{20:42:14} Dayofdeath says: nope
{20:42:14} Hordewar says: nope
{20:42:40} Alexis Raine says: but how will we put an end to them multikeying
{20:43:05} Alexis Raine says: we can't exactly see it
{20:43:05} Higoten says: who multikeying?
{20:43:05} Hordewar says: i can >.>
{20:43:05} Blue5472 says: can u guys even telll if their multikeying?
{20:43:05} Higoten says: most of the time if you figure out if someone is multikeying
{20:43:05} Alexis Raine says: well your buddy kila was proffiting off his multikey qite nicely
{20:43:31} Blue5472 says: yah =.=
{20:43:31} Alexis Raine says: quite*
{20:43:31} Higoten says: agreed
{20:43:31} Hordewar says: :3 we make higo have multikeys for all jobs so all jobs are active
{20:43:31} Alexis Raine says: he told me to mind my own business & get out of the blacksmithing area
{20:43:56} Blue5472 says: he told me to stop bitching when i told higoten
Dayofdeath has logged out.
{20:44:22} Higoten says: so what should we do about current multikeys who are active and the multikey has a currentally active job?
{20:44:48} Alexis Raine says: but there really isn't a job besides chef that isn't active
{20:44:48} Hordewar says: well my times up so :( talk about it next time?
{20:44:48} Blue5472 says: no get out!
Hordewar has logged out.
{20:45:39} Higoten says: any suggestions
{20:45:39} Alexis Raine says: can you stop multikeying at all or at least know when it happens?
{20:46:04} Blue5472 says: oh wait but we voted were removing iron ore in merchant guild alexis
{20:46:04} Alexis Raine says: kris obviously mentioned the abuse of the charity lady worldwide when everyone was on as well
{20:46:04} Blue5472 says: so i think its okay now o.o
{20:46:04} Higoten says: i can pusinsh people for it, but our first voteing secsion voted it legal, as long as they follow the rules and regulations
{20:46:30} Alexis Raine says: but what kila is getting away with all the time should be illegal
{20:46:30} Blue5472 says: what abuse of charity lady?
{20:46:56} Alexis Raine says: he thinks because he knows you he can do whatever he wants
{20:46:56} Blue5472 says: yah =.=
{20:47:21} Higoten says: yes, that is what the removal of the iron spawn was done to prevent
{20:47:21} Alexis Raine says: & I know you don't ban, so I really can't but into this matter :/
{20:48:38} Alexis Raine says: hmm
{20:49:04} Higoten says: any additional statements?
{20:49:04} Alexis Raine says: up the sheet metal cost as well
{20:49:04} Blue5472 says: NAY
{20:49:04} Blue5472 says: I nay her
{20:49:04} Alexis Raine says: because he's robbing blacksmiths
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{20:49:29} Blue5472 says: that just scewing over blacksmith just cause he abuses merchant :O
{20:49:29} Higoten says: that issue has already been voted on, but may be reraised at next board meeting
{20:49:29} Alexis Raine says: :/
{20:49:55} Alexis Raine says: isn't there something we can do about him?
{20:49:55} Higoten says: we are establishing rules and regulations for multikeying now
{20:50:20} Alexis Raine says: seriously he was funding a load of wagons to outdo everyone else that character he made doesn't have an ounce of it's own earned money
{20:50:20} Higoten says: a possible work around could be used
{20:50:46} Alexis Raine says: i told him i refused to buy anything he sold
{20:50:46} Higoten says: boycot, exelent stragity
{20:51:12} Alexis Raine says: well if he sees people won't buy from him maybe he'll give it up
{20:51:37} Blue5472 says: give up what
{20:51:37} Blue5472 says: o.o
{20:51:37} Alexis Raine says: stealing yours guys earnings
{20:51:37} Alexis Raine says: he
{20:51:37} Higoten says: or we could estable a rule or regulation now, that would prevent furture occurances
{20:51:37} Blue5472 says: how he doing that o.o
{20:51:37} Alexis Raine says: he only needs one job :/
{20:52:54} Alexis Raine says: multikeying is alright to me so long as it's needed in desperate times when no ones around but honestly :/ blue or sega will gain nothing
{20:52:54} Blue5472 says: realy :O?
{20:52:54} Blue5472 says: gah
{20:53:20} Alexis Raine says: ya he said he'd go lower on everything to beat you or any other bs
{20:54:11} Blue5472 says: no one buys anything from BS
{20:54:11} Alexis Raine says: i buy my wagons from bs
{20:54:36} Blue5472 says: oh
{20:54:36} Blue5472 says: u can buy it from merchant o.o
{20:55:02} Alexis Raine says: i don't believe in funding crooked merchants
{20:55:02} Alexis Raine says: bs's actually work hard to make them
{20:55:28} Blue5472 says: i kno
{20:55:53} Blue5472 says: that why i said no to beds cause it will be pretty much no one will buy from merchant like wagons
{20:56:44} Alexis Raine says: & speaking of wagons i need one made
{20:56:44} Alexis Raine says: XD
{20:56:44} Blue5472 says: i need 5 beds
{20:56:44} Blue5472 says: :o
{20:57:10} Blue5472 says: and a tool handle :O
{20:57:10} Higoten says: or we could estable a rule or regulation now, that would prevent furture occurances?
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{20:57:10} Blue5472 says: useless
{20:57:10} Higoten says: darn keyboard shotcuts :/
{20:57:36} Alexis Raine says: but how will we enforce it higoten?
{20:57:36} Blue5472 says: yah
{20:57:36} Blue5472 says: ive seen kila by himself before
{20:57:36} Blue5472 says: doing that
{20:58:01} Alexis Raine says: kilas the biggest cheat i ever met XD
{20:58:01} Higoten says: have we reached a verdict on the establishment of relues and regulations for multikeying?
{20:58:01} Blue5472 says: no o.o
{20:58:27} Blue5472 says: whats the #1 rule o.o
{20:58:27} Higoten says: in my option, thoses who do not follow the multikeying rules, get there multikeys save deleted
{20:58:27} Alexis Raine says: your not explaining what will happen
Revos_Kalosa has logged in.
{20:58:27} Alexis Raine says: so we'll have to spy?
{20:58:52} Blue5472 says: yah but how would u kno if their following or nopt
{20:58:52} Blue5472 says: exactly =.=
{20:59:18} Blue5472 says: and only a mod could spy or they will just call Bullshit on regular players =.=
{20:59:18} Higoten says: so far i have : 1) you can only have your orginal key, and 1 multikey, who does not have an active job, and once the job has an active player, they multikey will ceased to be used
{20:59:18} Alexis Raine says: also they could say 'i don't read higotens sign, so that doesn't occur to me'
{20:59:44} Blue5472 says: unless evidence can be easily obtained
{21:00:09} Higoten says: logging out at the same time is useally a pretty good sign, along with loging in
{21:00:35} Higoten says: and dont accuse the person of multikeying, just bring it to me
{21:00:35} Higoten says: or alex
{21:01:00} Blue5472 says: thoguht we already voted we can multikey
{21:01:00} Alexis Raine says: so we keep it all under whispers then
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{21:01:26} Higoten says: pretty much
{21:01:26} Alexis Raine says: no abusing the multikeying
{21:01:26} Higoten says: we did, but now we are establishing rules and regulations for multikeying
{21:01:52} Alexis Raine says: funding, aiding
{21:01:52} Alexis Raine says: it's a seperate entity who works on it's own in time of need?
{21:02:17} Revos_Kalosa says: me is getting lag reading's
{21:02:17} Higoten says: so the bansishment of useing the multikey to directly earn money?
{21:02:43} Alexis Raine says: ya i would think so
{21:02:43} Alexis Raine says: :3
{21:03:08} Revos_Kalosa says: I though that even if they try the system prvents them from trying anyway?
{21:03:08} Higoten says: only if they are under 3 days old
{21:03:34} Revos_Kalosa says: that should changed to make it forever.
{21:04:00} Higoten says: any other ideas for rules on multikeying?
{21:04:00} Alexis Raine says: no i've said my peace
{21:04:00} Alexis Raine says: :]
{21:04:25} Revos_Kalosa says: Frist warj, Second, Kick, 3rd ban
{21:04:25} Higoten says: blue, any addition comment
{21:04:25} Blue5472 says: umm
{21:04:51} Higoten says: first, warning, second save deletion
{21:04:51} Blue5472 says: what about giving stuff to other character?
{21:04:51} Blue5472 says: like money and stuff?
{21:04:51} Higoten says: in my opotion if they like sitting thought school serval times over, so be it
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{21:05:16} Higoten says: would you like to limit this as well?
{21:05:42} Alexis Raine says: the money aiding should not be allowed at any cost, the money on your second key imo should be re-earned
{21:05:42} Higoten says: so, no shareing money between multikeys?
{21:06:08} Revos_Kalosa says: i got a funny idea. if they try to do it 1st as you said warn. 2nd save deleted. 3rd ban for a week. then if they do it again perma IPban
{21:06:08} Higoten says: i am unable to ipban
{21:06:08} Alexis Raine says: not at all
{21:06:08} Blue5472 says: cant u host ban?
{21:06:33} Revos_Kalosa says: then perma ban
{21:06:33} Higoten says: yes, but i perfer not to ban
{21:06:59} Higoten says: it is a bad ''punishment'' in my option, if you can call it that
Cryscrys has logged in.
{21:06:59} Revos_Kalosa says: somtimes retarted kicks needs to learn the hard way. by not being able to play the game they like unless they obay the rules
{21:07:24} Revos_Kalosa says: retard kids
{21:07:50} Higoten says: loseing waht you worked for seems to be much worse of a punishment, from what i see
{21:07:50} Alexis Raine says: ya losing your save would make u quit anyways
Cryscrys has logged out.
{21:08:16} Revos_Kalosa says: sometimes it best to be hard then soft. if your to soft. it a weakness.
{21:08:16} Alexis Raine says: banning will only make them make alternate keys to get back at us
{21:08:41} Higoten says: but then thats their option to quit, not mine
{21:08:41} Revos_Kalosa says: if they lose there save. they'll learn not to take that stupid risk again.
{21:08:41} Alexis Raine says: i agree with the deletion of save :3
{21:09:07} Higoten says: any objections?
{21:09:07} Revos_Kalosa says: nay
{21:09:07} Blue5472 says: no they will learn to spam the game and go out with a bang
{21:09:32} Revos_Kalosa says: they can't if they have nothing lol
{21:09:32} Blue5472 says: they cant spam..?
{21:09:32} Higoten says: speeh is a retactable privalage
{21:09:58} Blue5472 says: blah w.e
{21:09:58} Revos_Kalosa says: and ithere also a Mute verb on top screen :0
{21:10:24} Alexis Raine says: if they spam, that should be bannable right
{21:10:24} Alexis Raine says: higoten?
{21:10:24} Higoten says: are we finished setting rules and regulations to on?
{21:10:24} Higoten says: or i can take away there ability to speek
{21:10:24} Alexis Raine says: alrightie
{21:10:49} Alexis Raine says: it's cold D:
{21:10:49} Revos_Kalosa says: Arrr i just cracked my hand.
{21:11:15} Higoten says: ok, then we should move ontto our next issue, a players ability to stay in the mine, so long as they do not mine
{21:11:40} Higoten says: should all players be forced out, or be allowed to stay in, so long as they do not mine?
{21:11:40} Blue5472 says: Nay
{21:12:06} Blue5472 says: forced out!
{21:12:06} Revos_Kalosa says: i say never. if it isn't winter then no mining. it ain't fair on other's
{21:12:06} Blue5472 says: yah =.=
{21:12:32} Higoten says: then we have 2/3 in favor
{21:12:32} Alexis Raine says: also no
{21:12:32} Higoten says: and the mine will be requirted to leave after winter as ended
{21:12:57} Higoten says: make that 3/3
{21:12:57} Alexis Raine says: yup :D
{21:12:57} Higoten says: This is all i have for planned issues
{21:12:57} Blue5472 says: unanimous!
Say delay has been automatically adjusted .
{21:12:57} Revos_Kalosa says: happy face :)
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{21:13:23} Higoten says: does anyone havee any issues they would like to say?
{21:13:23} Blue5472 says: wat about houses?
{21:13:23} Higoten says: you have the floor blue
{21:13:48} Revos_Kalosa says: they way to expenvice
{21:13:48} Blue5472 says: are u taking them out?
{21:13:48} Higoten says: yes
{21:13:48} Blue5472 says: i say NAY
{21:13:48} Blue5472 says: lol
{21:14:14} Alexis Raine says: but houses are bugged
{21:14:14} Blue5472 says: really?
{21:14:14} Blue5472 says: do we lose stuff in there?
{21:14:14} Higoten says: your statment is defffered, due to the hindence that can come from houses
{21:14:40} Alexis Raine says: ya they make yer beds half & u lose the ability to sleep in beds anywhere outside your ouse
{21:14:40} Alexis Raine says: house*
{21:14:40} Revos_Kalosa says: I got an idea. how about Farming commuity. :) so people can join a group of other farmer's and do stuff in different flieds and have someone to help them :)
{21:15:31} Higoten says: that could be more of a user formed ideal, reather then a legaly formed ideal
{21:15:31} Alexis Raine says: u mean like hire workers ?
{21:15:56} Revos_Kalosa says: yea or slaves in my opion lol
{21:15:56} Blue5472 says: revos higoten didnt make the game so he cant code in and add new stuff
{21:16:22} Blue5472 says: so idk if ur thinking about those mmorpg games where u make a party or what not o.o
{21:16:48} Blue5472 says: u can do that still just have to have trust in the other person to pay u i guess
{21:16:48} Revos_Kalosa says: na when i play any game i make a list. so i know who i should play or trust or even plan to kill etc.
{21:17:39} Revos_Kalosa says: hmmm murder other farmer's to steal there wallet's lol
{21:17:39} Blue5472 says: higoten what happen to emerald vees
{21:17:39} Blue5472 says: bees
{21:17:39} Alexis Raine says: ya we hire people to water in the summer, usually players will agree dependng if the farmed is fair to there workers
{21:17:39} Blue5472 says: i want an emerald bee :o
{21:18:04} Higoten says: you can get one, its just very rare
{21:18:04} Blue5472 says: u can stil get it..?
{21:18:30} Higoten says: ive got it before
{21:18:30} Blue5472 says: eh
{21:18:56} Blue5472 says: how u get one
{21:18:56} Higoten says: anyways, any additional issues anyone would like to add?
{21:18:56} Higoten says: plant flowers and wait
{21:19:21} Blue5472 says: oh o.o
{21:19:21} Higoten says: it was rummed that flower dew would increase the changes, but i have no idea if thats true
{21:19:21} Revos_Kalosa says: there is one. those 3 rock things are a pain when duged up.
{21:19:47} Alexis Raine says: if u have a titan glove u can move them away
{21:20:12} Higoten says: i have no control over where they spawn, a work around to this is to buy a titans glove and you can move with them
{21:20:38} Higoten says: any more additional issues or suggestions?
{21:21:04} Revos_Kalosa says: erm can we kill pigs or cow's for meat and sell it?
{21:21:04} Revos_Kalosa says: i mean it still part of beng a rancher right?
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{21:21:29} Higoten says: i have no control over the games code, only variables and placement, and regulation of rules
{21:21:29} Revos_Kalosa says: k then i'm out of idea's
{21:21:55} Higoten says: any other suggestions?
{21:21:55} Revos_Kalosa says: i would say private farming areas.
{21:22:20} Blue5472 says: o.o..
{21:22:20} Higoten says: i am unable to add turfs to the game
{21:22:46} Revos_Kalosa says: i know.
{21:22:46} Blue5472 says: i dont think revos understand when he didnt make the game he's just hosting it
{21:22:46} Higoten says: only objects and mobs are in the testing
{21:22:46} Alexis Raine says: thats all my concerns for today :]
{21:23:12} Higoten says: any other issues of concer?
{21:23:12} Blue5472 says: hmm…
{21:23:37} Blue5472 says: oh yah
{21:23:37} Blue5472 says: ur signs
{21:23:37} Blue5472 says: MOVE THEM =.=
{21:23:37} Revos_Kalosa says: ? i like them
{21:24:03} Alexis Raine says: lol
{21:24:03} Blue5472 says: every time u jump over makes it so u cant see inside the building
{21:24:28} Higoten says: i can make them unjumpable, if this would be more favoriable
Kristoph has logged in.
{21:25:20} Higoten says: woudl that be appropate?
{21:25:20} Blue5472 says: hmm
{21:25:20} Revos_Kalosa says: "smacks into wall" damn it forgot wall again.
{21:25:20} Blue5472 says: no
{21:25:45} Blue5472 says: well, yes and move them one space away from the door
Anise255 has logged in.
{21:25:45} Blue5472 says: cause their still blocking like an entrance
{21:25:45} Higoten says: all in favor of moveing the signs may vote now
{21:26:11} Blue5472 says: yah!
Anise255 has logged out.
{21:26:36} Higoten says: all agiesnt moveing the signs may vote now
{21:26:36} Alexis Raine says: if there in front of a door i agree to move them :p
{21:27:02} Higoten says: then with 2/2 the signs will be moved from the door way
{21:27:28} Higoten says: any other issues?
{21:27:53} Blue5472 says: hmm
{21:28:19} Alexis Raine says: whats the price on scratch tickets?
{21:28:19} Blue5472 says: 2k
{21:28:19} Blue5472 says: and 1k
{21:28:44} Kristoph says: WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?
{21:28:44} Blue5472 says: 2k one u can win 20k max 1k one u can win 10k max
{21:29:10} Higoten says: then, if nothing else, we will conclude our meeting with stateing that our next board meeting will be held next week, same time, same place

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