Board Meeting 5/25/2010

{20:01:16} Higoten says: this meeting has now been called to order
{20:01:42} Alexis Raine says: can't see
{20:01:42} Kristoph says: you might consider doing the call to order thing in worldtalk then in say
{20:01:42} Alexis Raine says: >_<
{20:01:42} Blue5472 says: alexisss
{20:02:08} Higoten says: first, lets begin by takeing active player count
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{20:02:33} Higoten says: any objections to anyone present at this meeting being active?
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{20:02:33} Jacobe35 says: No.
{20:02:33} Alexis Raine says: :o
{20:02:33} Mastermatthew says: Nope
{20:02:59} Blue5472 says: uhhh
{20:02:59} Blue5472 says: higoten
{20:02:59} Higoten says: yes?
{20:02:59} Blue5472 says: u
{20:02:59} Blue5472 says: o.o
{20:02:59} Abcdefghijkl says: azel not gunna feed my pigs :(?
{20:02:59} Alexis Raine says: XD
{20:03:24} Blue5472 says: lalala >.>
{20:03:24} Azel says: ok
{20:03:24} Jacobe35 says: lol
{20:03:24} Abcdefghijkl says: wait
{20:03:24} Abcdefghijkl says: !!
{20:03:24} Abcdefghijkl says: fudge
{20:03:50} Mastermatthew says: …..
{20:03:50} Higoten says: ok, now im gonna need some help here, would annyone like to valuge for anyone who is currently active, but not currently at this metting?
{20:04:16} Blue5472 says: uhh sega?
{20:04:41} Higoten says: ok
{20:04:41} Abcdefghijkl says: tomgirl
{20:04:41} Alexis Raine says: George XD
{20:05:07} Alexis Raine says: :p
{20:05:07} Alexis Raine says: rob!
{20:05:07} Jaredmata says: lol
{20:05:07} Blue5472 says: blue
{20:05:07} Higoten says: ummm would we consider hordewar active?
{20:05:07} Blue5472 says: green
{20:05:07} Blue5472 says: and yellow
{20:05:32} Blue5472 says: idk
{20:05:32} Abcdefghijkl says: no
{20:05:32} Jacobe35 says: I don't
{20:05:32} Alexis Raine says: yes horde is very active
{20:05:32} Mastermatthew says: Nope
{20:05:32} Alexis Raine says: he logs on when he can
{20:05:32} Blue5472 says: hell i havent seen half the people here before until this week
{20:05:32} Blue5472 says: o.o
{20:05:32} Mastermatthew says: Well fine
{20:05:58} Abcdefghijkl says: Well blue
{20:05:58} Alexis Raine says: he walks to a computer just to be here :3
{20:05:58} Abcdefghijkl says: that's because i started this week
{20:05:58} Abcdefghijkl says: so everyone came >:D
{20:05:58} Alexis Raine says: like.. a library one
{20:05:58} Higoten says: dindo?
{20:06:24} Blue5472 says: no!
{20:06:24} Alexis Raine says: yea dindos pretty active now
{20:06:24} Abcdefghijkl says: he's pretty active
{20:06:24} Jacobe35 says: I think he is kindof active.
{20:06:24} Blue5472 says: realy?
{20:06:49} Blue5472 says: gah my computer been down for a week and all these people are suddenly active o.o
{20:06:49} Abcdefghijkl says: he's on when you're not on o.o
{20:06:49} Kristoph says: I am checking my who list cache to see if we're missing anyone
{20:06:49} Abcdefghijkl says: i just came back 2 days ago
{20:07:15} Higoten says: Xd im checking dream deamon for anyoen whos name rings a bell
{20:07:15} Abcdefghijkl says: MPK?
{20:07:15} Abcdefghijkl says: master pimp king does he play alot o.o?
{20:07:40} Jacobe35 says: No
{20:07:40} Mastermatthew says: I have livestock so….
{20:07:40} Jaredmata says: Fofo?
{20:07:40} Higoten says: na, he just logs in once in a while
{20:07:40} Abcdefghijkl says: oh yeah jhall's quiting june 1st
{20:07:40} Higoten says: oh ya, fofo and jhall
{20:07:40} Jacobe35 says: FOFO. kindof.
{20:08:06} Higoten says: shadow
{20:08:06} Kristoph says: Teufel315
{20:08:06} Jacobe35 says: He's active.
{20:08:32} Abcdefghijkl says: brb fill me in I have livestockk
{20:08:32} Higoten says: teufel?
{20:08:32} Higoten says: is he active?
{20:08:32} Alexis Raine says: yay teu is nice
{20:08:32} Kristoph says: yeah
{20:08:32} Jacobe35 says: Yes.
{20:08:32} Higoten says: ok, havent heard of him before
{20:08:57} Alexis Raine says: fofofo is active lolz
{20:08:57} Mastermatthew says: Same here, fill me in BRB
{20:08:57} Blue5472 says: who are these people..
{20:08:57} Blue5472 says: o.o
{20:08:57} Jaredmata says: lol
{20:08:57} Alexis Raine says: gotta love fofo
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{20:09:23} Jacobe35 says: „,
{20:09:23} Higoten says: anyone else?
{20:09:23} Abcdefghijkl says: uhh
{20:09:23} Jacobe35 says: I can't think of any.
{20:09:23} Kristoph says: Is christian active?
{20:09:23} Alexis Raine says: ALEX is when he is not busy D:
{20:09:48} Jacobe35 says: No.
{20:09:48} Kristoph says: I've seen him on a couple times..
{20:09:48} Alexis Raine says: notoria
{20:09:48} Alexis Raine says: came back too
{20:09:48} Alexis Raine says: CIB
{20:09:48} Alexis Raine says: became a merchy
{20:10:14} Higoten says: ok
{20:10:14} Alexis Raine says: we have alot of actives XD
{20:10:14} Higoten says: any other additons?
{20:10:14} Alexis Raine says: *so proud* :]
{20:10:40} Higoten says: well, compairs to last board meetings count of 8
{20:10:40} Jacobe35 says: Lol
{20:10:40} Mastermatthew says: Back
{20:10:40} Higoten says: our player count has increased to 20
{20:10:40} Jacobe35 says: Nice.
{20:10:40} Jaredmata says: darn
{20:11:05} Abcdefghijkl says: You should put this in a sign o.o?
{20:11:05} Blue5472 says: was i in that board meeting o.o
{20:11:05} Jacobe35 says: I have seen as high as 15 at one time.
{20:11:05} Alexis Raine says: :]
{20:11:05} Alexis Raine says: thats just the start higgy
{20:11:05} Higoten says: and by the 7 actives to 1 adminstator, a new adminstartor will be chosen in the near furutre
{20:11:05} Alexis Raine says: it'll be summer fer school kids :]
{20:11:31} Higoten says: i seen 17 yesterday, highest i have seen yet
{20:11:56} Alexis Raine says: nikoloi also
{20:11:56} Higoten says: anyways now that active player count has finished
{20:11:56} Jacobe35 says: …
{20:11:56} Kristoph says: nikoloi quit ;)
{20:11:56} Alexis Raine says: despite no one liking him :3
{20:12:22} Jacobe35 says: He did quit.
{20:12:22} Higoten says: we shall move onto issues
{20:12:22} Alexis Raine says: kkk
{20:12:48} Higoten says: seince i have no issues to present to the board, you may now present your issues in a ordely fashion
{20:13:13} Azel says: is shadow isn't here
{20:13:13} Abcdefghijkl says: Ooh
{20:13:13} Abcdefghijkl says: pick me
{20:13:13} Alexis Raine says: lol
{20:13:13} Jacobe35 says: Lol.
{20:13:13} Higoten says: yes abc?
{20:13:13} Abcdefghijkl says: Okay There's no sign about population :)
{20:13:39} Mastermatthew says: ….
{20:13:39} Mastermatthew says: Not really an issue…
{20:13:39} Abcdefghijkl says: it makes us look more Organized :)
{20:13:39} Higoten says: woudl we like a sign that has the active player count?
{20:13:39} Jacobe35 says: Population sign?
{20:14:04} Jacobe35 says: That would be nice.
{20:14:04} Abcdefghijkl says: yeah
{20:14:04} Alexis Raine says: :D
{20:14:04} Higoten says: does anyone have anything to say about this issue before we begin voting?
{20:14:04} Azel says: was going to say… with shadow having the source wouldn't be that complicated to add real casino in with nice cool letters outfrotn saying casino and have mini casino games inside something to do with lots of money for prizes for your house
{20:14:30} Abcdefghijkl says: I'll donate 2k:?
{20:14:30} Higoten says: shadow is not freely distrubing the sorce
{20:14:30} Alexis Raine says: if he has source
{20:14:30} Jacobe35 says: Lol.
{20:14:30} Higoten says: yes
{20:14:30} Jacobe35 says: No issues.
{20:14:56} Azel says: well we can suggest to him
{20:14:56} Alexis Raine says: no one gets my suggestions >[
{20:14:56} Kristoph says: Shadow doesn't have the source and is a lying troll.
{20:14:56} Azel says: there is someone who most likely has the source
{20:14:56} Higoten says: then if we have no additional comments about this issues, lets us begin voteing
{20:15:21} Azel says: which would be gunbuddy and if i see him i could ask
{20:15:21} Abcdefghijkl says: wildblood has source!
{20:15:21} Kristoph says: I HAVE A COMMENT
{20:15:21} Higoten says: yes kris?
{20:15:47} Mastermatthew says: Oh no….
{20:15:47} Alexis Raine says: lets go hunt wildblood down d:
{20:15:47} Kristoph says: Since this is about putting in a sign which you'll have to manually do..Can I have a Don't feed the troll sign outside of my house too?
{20:15:47} Jacobe35 says: Lol
{20:16:12} Azel says: well it's clear enough more people = wildblood or old friends of his which would be a link in the chain to him
{20:16:12} Higoten says: you may present this issue after we have finished voteing on the current issue
{20:16:12} Kristoph says: Aww =(
{20:16:12} Abcdefghijkl says: I vote yes :)
{20:16:38} Jacobe35 says: The Mod issue or the sign issue?
{20:16:38} Higoten says: all who vote yea for adding a active player count may say so now
{20:16:38} Alexis Raine says: sign issue
{20:16:38} Jacobe35 says: Yea
{20:16:38} Abcdefghijkl says: yea
{20:16:38} Kristoph says: I vote fabulous.
{20:16:38} Mastermatthew says: yea
{20:16:38} Alexis Raine says: signs are fun :D
{20:16:38} Jaredmata says: sure
{20:17:04} Higoten says: all who are opposed for the sign may vote so now
{20:17:04} Jacobe35 says: no
{20:17:04} Abcdefghijkl says: ooh 4/9 voted yes >:D
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{20:17:04} Jacobe35 says: Jk
{20:17:04} Blue5472 says: no
{20:17:29} Jacobe35 says: Nobody opposed.
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{20:17:29} Jacobe35 says: besides blue.
{20:17:29} Blue5472 says: i oppose thats stupid :O
{20:17:29} Azel says: what would the active player count be for?
{20:17:29} Higoten says: then by 7 to 0, a active player sign will be addded
{20:17:29} Blue5472 says: we have so many signs already
{20:17:29} Alexis Raine says: yay blue :]
{20:17:29} Jacobe35 says: No.
{20:17:29} Abcdefghijkl says: but it looks cooooler
{20:17:55} Blue5472 says: u trying to just make new players annoyed?
{20:17:55} Jacobe35 says: shutup blue.
{20:17:55} Blue5472 says: u shut up :O
{20:17:55} Jacobe35 says: Lol.
{20:17:55} Jacobe35 says: You.
{20:18:20} Higoten says: you may bring up this issue at th enext board meeting, but this topic has already been closed
{20:18:20} Blue5472 says: boo
{20:18:20} Azel says: O.o
{20:18:20} Jacobe35 says: YEEEEAAAHHH
{20:18:20} Alexis Raine says: :p
{20:18:20} Azel says: whats the active player count for higoten?
{20:18:20} Higoten says: kris, you would like to present your issue now?
{20:18:46} Jacobe35 says: to show active players.
{20:18:46} Abcdefghijkl says: To keep track of the active players
{20:18:46} Higoten says: just a sign that says the active players
{20:18:46} Azel says: thats it does it kick if inactive?
{20:18:46} Abcdefghijkl says: no o.o
{20:18:46} Azel says: oh ok
{20:18:46} Alexis Raine says: people will know this isn't a dead server :3
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{20:19:12} Jacobe35 says: Is that the only issue? I have to leave soon.
{20:19:12} Blue5472 says: a sign wont say its not a dead server =.=
{20:19:12} Alexis Raine says: it'll annoy u :p
{20:19:12} Higoten says: kris had an issue, but he seens to not be presenting it
{20:19:12} Alexis Raine says: XD
{20:19:12} Kristoph says: I'd like a don't feed the troll sign placed outside of the house I have laid claim to because why not.
{20:19:37} Kristoph says: Why not is a perfectly valid reason ok?
{20:19:37} Jacobe35 says: Well if that is the last order of business, I will leave.
{20:19:37} Higoten says: would anyone want to add any additional comments onto this issue before we begin voteing?
{20:19:37} Blue5472 says: woo leave
{20:20:03} Jacobe35 says: Lol.
{20:20:03} Blue5472 says: what issue o.o
Jacobe35 has logged out.
{20:20:03} Alexis Raine says: bye jacob :D
{20:20:28} Kristoph says: He was totally going to vote yes.
{20:20:28} Alexis Raine says: he was
{20:20:28} Higoten says: then if no furture comments about kris sign, we will now begin voteing
{20:20:54} Higoten says: all who are for, may say so now
{20:20:54} Kristoph says: yay
{20:20:54} Alexis Raine says: sure lol
{20:20:54} Blue5472 says: wtf o.o
{20:21:20} Higoten says: all whom are opposed, may say so now
{20:21:20} Mastermatthew says: no
{20:21:20} Blue5472 says: u kno u can make signs in here
{20:21:20} Blue5472 says: nay
{20:21:20} Blue5472 says: go buy one =.=
{20:21:45} Blue5472 says: alexis go make one and sell it for profit ur a carpenter gah
{20:21:45} Alexis Raine says: :p
{20:21:45} Higoten says: do we have any other votes? it is currently 2 to 2
{20:21:45} Kristoph says: I want a permanent fixture =(
{20:21:45} Blue5472 says: i thought u cant get houses?
{20:22:11} Blue5472 says: o.o
{20:22:11} Alexis Raine says: sega would say yes she likes kris?
{20:22:11} Alexis Raine says: xD
{20:22:11} Kristoph says: YEAH that
{20:22:11} Abcdefghijkl says: wait
{20:22:11} Abcdefghijkl says: for what
{20:22:11} Abcdefghijkl says: i was watchin tv
{20:22:11} Higoten says: kris sign
{20:22:11} Alexis Raine says: kris's sign
{20:22:11} Blue5472 says: tropical would say no cause she hates kris
{20:22:11} Blue5472 says: >.>
{20:22:11} Mastermatthew says: A sign in Krises house
{20:22:11} Azel says: feed your animals mastermattew
{20:22:11} Abcdefghijkl says: for his house
{20:22:36} Alexis Raine says: XD
{20:22:36} Abcdefghijkl says: person house o.o
{20:22:36} Azel says: fead*
{20:22:36} Higoten says: yes or no abc
{20:22:36} Kristoph says: The don't feed the troll one you said yes to earlier <.<
{20:22:36} Abcdefghijkl says: i vote yes :) but he should supply his own
{20:22:36} Abcdefghijkl says: sign
{20:23:02} Higoten says: it would be a perement fixture
{20:23:02} Blue5472 says: ya supply ur own sign!
{20:23:02} Blue5472 says: :O
{20:23:02} Blue5472 says: nay nay nay say nay
{20:23:02} Abcdefghijkl says: You should put tax for a permanent sign o.o
{20:23:28} Higoten says: then by 3 to 2, the sign will be added
{20:23:28} Kristoph says: YIPPIE
{20:23:28} Azel says: im part of this vote and i say no to his sign
{20:23:53} Higoten says: any other addtional issues that need to be brough to the boards attention?
{20:23:53} Blue5472 says: :o
{20:23:53} Higoten says: voteing has already closed on this issue, but you may bring it up again next week
{20:24:19} Azel says: considering i was here when you asked for everyone to speak who is for his sign
{20:24:19} Azel says: and i said nothing you didn't count my no vote
{20:24:44} Higoten says: voteing has already closed, i am sorry for any inconveience
{20:24:44} Kristoph says: You could have and had the opportunity to say something, too. Don't be mean =(
{20:24:44} Azel says: I'm taking this to the supreme court of justice
{20:24:44} Azel says: and over ruling your authority
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{20:25:10} Azel says: kidding doesn't matetr much to me
{20:25:36} Higoten says: then if there is no furture issues to be beought to the boards attetion, this will conclude this board meeting
{20:25:36} Kristoph says: hey
{20:25:36} Abcdefghijkl says: So how close are you to making new objects o.o
{20:25:36} Azel says: i would like to bring up the vote for the future vote of removing kristoph sign
{20:25:36} Kristoph says: This is kind of your issue so I'd let you decide whether or not to do it…
{20:26:01} Azel says: rofl
{20:26:01} Higoten says: rather far away, due to limitations
{20:26:01} Azel says: hahaha
{20:26:01} Kristoph says: The manual adding storage thing, Goten?
{20:26:27} Higoten says: oh yes
{20:26:27} Azel says: shadow isn't present to this meeting
{20:26:52} Kristoph says: there are a lot of players who arent here
{20:26:52} Abcdefghijkl says: we did say the time
{20:27:18} Abcdefghijkl says: They can come to the next one
{20:27:18} Higoten says: kris issue involues buy a rather large amount of additional space being added to your storage, for a price
{20:27:18} Azel says: really this meeting should be for the players and improving their expeirence here not for singal subjects happiness
{20:27:18} Azel says: <.<
{20:27:44} Higoten says: would anyone like to make any suggestions about this issue?
{20:27:44} Alexis Raine says: storage expansion sounds like a good one to me
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{20:28:09} Alexis Raine says: so much limitation >_<
{20:28:09} Higoten says: we would need a large number of additional spaces to be added, and for a resonable price
{20:28:09} Azel says: ok so this meeting is for only what higoten can change and not shadow?
{20:28:09} Kristoph says: My only concern is that it adds hassle on to you, soo.
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{20:28:35} Kristoph says: Shadow can't change anything <_<
{20:28:35} Abcdefghijkl says: If we're going to expand storage limits
{20:28:35} Blue5472 says: how much bigger?
{20:28:35} Higoten says: yes, this is still maintained as my server, im going to assume that shadow will host his own game when he is ready
{20:28:35} Mastermatthew says: I'll BRB
{20:29:00} Azel says: ok so only higoten possiblities
{20:29:00} Higoten says: that is what we are decideing now, blue
{20:29:00} Abcdefghijkl says: we should raise storage expansions to like 50k for 1 slot
{20:29:00} Alexis Raine says: shadows not included in this game o.o
{20:29:00} Alexis Raine says: higoten did the adding not him
{20:29:26} Abcdefghijkl says: brb needa feed
{20:29:52} Alexis Raine says: azels angreh? :3
{20:29:52} Higoten says: as an example, i was thinking about 50 additional slots for 150k, any other suggestions?
{20:29:52} Kristoph says: fgsfds, something kind of important and everyone bails
{20:30:17} Alexis Raine says: didn't know he was so attached to him
{20:30:17} Azel says: I'm suggesting an event calender
{20:30:43} Azel says: and time clock to the harvest moon time be added ona forum to make peoples lives easier
{20:30:43} Alexis Raine says: blues sposed to be holding events
{20:30:43} Kristoph says: I would suggest that this can only be bought/redeemed after someone already has all 80 slots
{20:31:08} Azel says: in keeping track of when its day and night
{20:31:08} Blue5472 says: 150k for 50 additional slots and 1 million total gold earned
{20:31:08} Mastermatthew says: So what I miss
{20:31:08} Blue5472 says: oh right i forgot about that >.>
{20:31:08} Alexis Raine says: xD
{20:31:08} Blue5472 says: ur suppose to do it too!
{20:31:08} Alexis Raine says: blue your fired d:
{20:31:08} Higoten says: yes, i agree you must buy the first 80, before buying addition, both for ease of editing
{20:31:34} Blue5472 says: :O
{20:31:34} Azel says: blue should be managing our forum website then
{20:31:34} Kristoph says: and also it'd blow to not be able to get the extra 30 if you bought the 50 pack first =P
{20:32:00} Alexis Raine says: i've been helping newbies i don't have time to run events
{20:32:00} Azel says: and add harvest moon real game time to it for people to use while playing for exact time day to night
{20:32:00} Azel says: for easier studying to get jobs at school etc…
{20:32:25} Mastermatthew says: I host a beach party every summer >.<
{20:32:51} Alexis Raine says: lol matt does have a point xD he does
{20:32:51} Azel says: the events should be bigger and attract more people
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{20:33:16} Mastermatthew says: NOONE EVER SHOWS UP >.<
{20:33:42} Mastermatthew says: I even get Higo to give out free drinks
{20:33:42} Higoten says: any additional comments, additions, changes, etc to the 50 storage addtions for 150k, assumeing you have bough thte orginall 80 to the max. before we begin vooteing?
{20:33:42} Azel says: farms normally have carnivals involing the work they do on a daily basis
{20:34:33} Higoten says: then if no other additional comments, lets begin voteing
{20:34:33} Azel says: i say yes
{20:34:33} Higoten says: all whom are in favor may vote so now
{20:34:59} Azel says: more storage benefits events
{20:35:24} Higoten says: all whom are opposed may do so now
{20:35:24} Mastermatthew says: No
{20:35:24} Alexis Raine says: yes
{20:35:24} Alexis Raine says: what am i yesing too
{20:35:24} Alexis Raine says: xD
{20:35:24} Higoten says: opposing
{20:35:50} Kristoph says: I think Seilin got distracted, YOU'RE FOR STORAGE SEILIN
{20:35:50} Kristoph says: tell him now omg
{20:35:50} Alexis Raine says: u screamed say yes to me
{20:35:50} Azel says: you should say all who are in favor >.>
{20:35:50} Alexis Raine says: i want storage expansion
{20:36:16} Azel says: i mean you did…
{20:36:16} Alexis Raine says: i already said so
{20:36:16} Alexis Raine says: up a bit
{20:36:16} Mastermatthew says: YOU ALREADY VOTED!!!
{20:36:16} Alexis Raine says: ._.
{20:36:16} Higoten says: then by 3 to 1, addional storage explains will be added for 150k
{20:36:16} Mastermatthew says: 1-2
{20:36:41} Alexis Raine says: YAY
{20:36:41} Mastermatthew says: >.<
{20:36:41} Alexis Raine says: don't try to brainwash me >[
{20:36:41} Mastermatthew says: Freakin losers >.<
{20:36:41} Azel says: just do this on voting higoten 1 is your in favor of whatever it is and 2 is your not in favor
{20:37:07} Higoten says: ok
{20:37:07} Alexis Raine says: ya i don't like this
{20:37:07} Azel says: so no confusion <.<
{20:37:07} Alexis Raine says: time limit
{20:37:07} Alexis Raine says: stuff
{20:37:07} Alexis Raine says: snot really fair
{20:37:32} Alexis Raine says: :3
{20:37:32} Higoten says: any more additional addional issues to bring to the boards attentions?
{20:37:32} Kristoph says: Alexis has ADD and gets distracted by shiny objects. I think she may have seen a set of carkeys.
{20:37:58} Alexis Raine says: Seilin is msning's
{20:37:58} Alexis Raine says: XD
{20:37:58} Alexis Raine says: or alexis D: gawd damn
{20:38:24} Kristoph says: Azel wanted to do some stuff that cannot be done
{20:38:24} Azel says:
{20:38:24} Kristoph says: and then some sort of calendar
{20:38:24} Azel says: ?
{20:38:49} Azel says: caledner and timer can be done
{20:38:49} Alexis Raine says: a forum
{20:38:49} Higoten says: elerabrate please
{20:38:49} Azel says: timer just needs to be synced with whoever boots up the server
{20:38:49} Kristoph says: Putting a timer into a forum nobody here has admin access to is kind of difficult.
{20:39:40} Azel says: all you need is a clock on forums that goes by server time and have it show some type of picture next to it at certain time
{20:39:40} Azel says: maybe sun or moon
{20:39:40} Azel says: doesn't need to be too complex
{20:40:06} Kristoph says: And it would never be 100% accurate because server time fluctuates depending on the load put on it.
{20:40:06} Azel says: guess hes right on that booster berries fuck it up
{20:40:06} Kristoph says: If one person used a booster berry pie it'd ruin the sync lolz
{20:40:32} Azel says: really too bad we can't add stuff to the game O.o
{20:40:32} Blue5472 says: go get wild
{20:40:32} Blue5472 says: then u can
{20:40:32} Blue5472 says: o.o
{20:40:57} Azel says: i can only get silk wizard, gunbuddy, nab, and few other people
{20:40:57} Azel says: none of which are wild blood XD
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{20:41:23} Kristoph says: gunbuddy is secretly wildblood
{20:41:23} Higoten says: isnt that depressing
{20:41:48} Higoten says: anyways, if not furter concerns to be brought to our attention
{20:41:48} Abcdefghijkl says: who's gunbuddy
{20:41:48} Kristoph says: I think we're done here
{20:41:48} Abcdefghijkl says: i”
{20:41:48} Abcdefghijkl says: wait higoten
{20:41:48} Kristoph says: Gunbuddy made a game called Mystic Journey which has similar systems to HMTR
{20:42:14} Azel says: gunbuddy was wildbloods student basically and he mad emystic journey and alot of byond games
{20:42:14} Abcdefghijkl says: MEETING ADJOURNED!!!
{20:42:14} Abcdefghijkl says: suckahh
{20:42:40} Azel says: i got no toher suggestion pretaining legal stuff O.o
{20:42:40} Azel says: you know my other suggestions higoten
{20:43:05} Mastermatthew says: ABC I'm about to run off buy a booster pie and out of sync your face
{20:43:05} Higoten says: the weekly board meeting is now concluded with saying that our next board meeting will be held at the bar, next tuesday, at 20:00:00 timestamp time

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