Board Meeting 5/4/2010

{20:27:44} Higoten says: this meeting has now been called to order
{20:28:09} Higoten says: first, let goo though our active player count, anyone object to anyone present being active?
{20:28:35} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Only things I can think of are Fall Festivals (Events), cleaning the map a bit like the giant E at spawn is getting old.
{20:29:00} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Oh and are the rabbits fully working?
{20:29:26} Alexis Raine says: XD
{20:29:26} Higoten says: if no furter objecyers, anyone want to voulage for anyone who is active, but currently not presentt?
{20:29:52} Alexis Raine says: i also have a concern that i shall say to u in confidence :e
{20:29:52} Blue5472 says: blue!
{20:30:17} Alexis Raine says: i told higoten blue
{20:30:17} Alexis Raine says: that u needed to be in the meeting
{20:30:17} Alexis Raine says: xD
{20:30:17} Blue5472 says: where it at?
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{20:30:17} Alexis Raine says: beer place
{20:30:43} Higoten says: i volage fore blue, sega, kris
{20:30:43} Tomgirl says: in the front is ther a way to get the stones and stuff back in the field?
{20:30:43} Blue5472 says: where my trinabo =(
{20:31:08} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Hrmm…
{20:31:08} Alexis Raine says: whats volage mean
{20:31:08} Blue5472 says: ah found it
{20:31:08} Higoten says: say in the place of someone else
{20:31:08} Alexis Raine says: oh ok
{20:31:34} Tomgirl says: thanx
{20:31:34} Higoten says: any other additions?
{20:31:34} Alexis Raine says: i can't speak for others because i would only say kris's response would be 'butts' or something like that O.o
{20:31:34} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Ha!
{20:32:00} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Now you three aren't the only ones holding stuff.
{20:32:00} Alexis Raine says: o_o
{20:32:00} Tomgirl says: i will hold this beer because i don't have a gem thing
{20:32:00} Alexis Raine says: beer that shakes..
{20:32:25} Tomgirl says: dancin beer
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{20:32:51} Higoten says: if no furter additions, then we still have a 8 active player base, and no furter adminstaters are needed
{20:32:51} Tomgirl says: kirs
{20:32:51} Tomgirl says: !!!!!!!11
{20:32:51} Blue5472 says: get out
{20:32:51} Kristoph says: i need admin
{20:32:51} Tomgirl says: for what
{20:33:16} Blue5472 says: i need admin to boot higoten
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{20:33:16} Kristoph says: 'cause it's too much trouble to walk places
{20:33:16} Higoten says: should have probley shoured world say :/
{20:33:42} Alexis Raine says: haha
{20:33:42} Tomgirl says: get a horse or a bird thing
{20:33:42} Alexis Raine says: XD
{20:33:42} Higoten says: anyways, now onto issues.
{20:34:33} Tomgirl says: in the front is ther a way to get the stones and stuff back in the field?
{20:34:33} Higoten says: my first issue of concern is the addition of beds you can sleep in, in place of all the beds you currently cant not sleep in
{20:34:33} Higoten says: reboot
{20:34:59} Tomgirl says: okay will that happen soon
{20:34:59} Kristoph says: SEE? This is why I need admin. I had to walk all the way here from start.
{20:34:59} Higoten says: you can observe them
{20:34:59} Blue5472 says: wat..?
{20:35:24} Blue5472 says: oh i see
{20:35:24} Higoten says: does anyone have anything to say about this issue before we begin voteing?
{20:35:24} Blue5472 says: i say NAY
{20:35:50} Alexis Raine says: sorry
{20:35:50} Alexis Raine says: lol
{20:35:50} Blue5472 says: yah are u trying to put carpenters out of business :O
{20:35:50} Kristoph says: the hell is this issue
{20:35:50} Blue5472 says: to not get rid of u
{20:35:50} Blue5472 says: and i say nay :O
{20:35:50} Kristoph says: omg ilu blue
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{20:36:16} Higoten says: {20:34:33} Higoten says: my first issue of concern is the addition of beds you can sleep in, in place of all the beds you currently cant not sleep in
{20:36:41} Alexis Raine says: like in jacks house?
{20:36:41} Higoten says: yep
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{20:36:41} Alexis Raine says: yer just gonna make them able to sleep in
{20:36:41} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Kris…
{20:36:41} Higoten says: fisher house, etc
{20:36:41} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Do what men do…
{20:36:41} Higoten says: yep, just sleeping in
{20:36:41} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Grab a horse, and ride!
{20:36:41} Blue5472 says: good bye needing a bed
{20:37:07} Kristoph says: I don't want to be the only real man here =(
{20:37:32} Alexis Raine says: i disagree but thats my carpentry saying so it's bad for business
{20:37:32} Alexis Raine says: :p
{20:37:32} Higoten says: does anyone have anything to say about this issue beefore we begin voteing?
{20:37:58} Maximus_Alex2003 says: About the beds?
{20:37:58} Alexis Raine says: yea
{20:37:58} Higoten says: if no furter comments, then lets begin voteing, you may wishper your vote to me if you wish for it to remain private, or say it aloud
{20:38:24} Tomgirl says: well i guess it it help ful to beginers buy it does make carpenters job harder
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{20:38:24} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Mostly, just need one in the farming areas, Jack's house and the Fisherman house (ex; Miners in wintertime).
{20:38:24} Blue5472 says: boot him!
{20:38:49} Tomgirl says: kirs plz don't cap its anoying
{20:38:49} Higoten says: please vote now
{20:39:15} Tomgirl says: what we votin for
{20:39:15} Alexis Raine says: i disagree
{20:39:15} Alexis Raine says: :3
{20:39:15} Kristoph says: I AGREE
{20:39:15} Blue5472 says: i agree to her disagree
{20:39:15} Blue5472 says: say NAY
{20:39:15} Blue5472 says: so*
{20:39:15} Tomgirl says: what are we votin on
{20:39:40} Higoten says: the replacement of beds you cant sleep in, into beds you can
{20:40:06} Tomgirl says: agree
{20:40:06} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Er…
{20:40:06} Maximus_Alex2003 says: I meant Farm 2, Farm 3*
{20:40:32} Kristoph says: I say do it, people will still buy beds for the convenience.
{20:40:32} Higoten says: at the moment, this is just beds you currently cant sleep in, into beds you can, so the casino would not currently account for a area
{20:40:57} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Ah, okay.
{20:40:57} Alexis Raine says: but it's pointless carpenters won't profit anymore
{20:40:57} Maximus_Alex2003 says: I thought you meant placing Sleepable Beds in areas.
{20:40:57} Tomgirl says: every one voted right
{20:41:23} Higoten says: may we vote all at once again, i lost count xd
{20:41:23} Alexis Raine says: lol
{20:41:23} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Hrm…
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{20:41:23} Tomgirl says: agree
{20:41:23} Kristoph says: agree
{20:41:48} Tomgirl says: nice kirs
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{20:42:14} Alexis Raine says: disagree
{20:42:14} Maximus_Alex2003 says: 2 for 2.
{20:42:40} Blue5472 says: disagree
{20:42:40} Maximus_Alex2003 says: 3 v 2.
{20:42:40} Alexis Raine says: :/
{20:42:40} Higoten says: then it is decided 3 to 2
{20:42:40} Kristoph says: Uh?
{20:43:05} Tomgirl says: D:
{20:43:05} Kristoph says: I see 4 votes there
{20:43:05} Alexis Raine says: this sucks
{20:43:05} Tomgirl says: higgy don't you vote

{20:43:05} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Me, Alexis and Blue disagree.
{20:43:05} Higoten says: some vote wish to remain private
{20:43:05} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Tom and Kris agree.
{20:43:05} Tomgirl says: someone whispered
{20:43:31} Alexis Raine says: oh you changed your mind alex :D
{20:43:31} Higoten says: and i only vote in the event of a tie
{20:43:56} Higoten says: then by vote of the comminity, beds will not bed added in place of currrently unsleepable beds
{20:43:56} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Well, I was thinking about it a bit more…
{20:43:56} Maximus_Alex2003 says: And there's already enough beds at the Inn which isn't hard to find.
{20:44:22} Alexis Raine says: yep :]
{20:44:22} Maximus_Alex2003 says: It'll let players get used to the map more which will serve good in events.
{20:44:22} Blue5472 says: can we move on i dont want this to be an hour and 30 mins again
{20:44:22} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Also, carpenters need their profits.
{20:44:22} Blue5472 says: :O
{20:44:22} Tomgirl says: true but the mine is anoying
{20:44:22} Kristoph says: I don't actually care but it doesn't matter, carps will still sell beds.
{20:44:48} Tomgirl says: to walk back and forth

{20:44:48} Higoten says: my second issue was brought to me by kris, and he suggested thhe addition of another inn, near far trinity
{20:44:48} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Hmmm…
{20:45:13} Kristoph says: If you can afford a bed are you going to walk back and forth to the closest building to sleep?
{20:45:13} Kristoph says: rather than buying a bed? <_<
{20:45:13} Tomgirl says: i think that would be a good idea
{20:45:13} Higoten says: does anyone have any additional statments before voting takes place?
{20:45:39} Blue5472 says: whats far trinity?
{20:45:39} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Mustn't have EZing, otherwise the already easy work in this game will be easier. Which will just become rather boring.
{20:45:39} Kristoph says: The guy who had that idea was brilliant and I want to have his child.
{20:45:39} Higoten says: 2nd farm, beach area
{20:45:39} Blue5472 says: oh
{20:45:39} Blue5472 says: can u even add another inn?
{20:46:04} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Yes.
{20:46:04} Blue5472 says: or u just gonna throw beds in a house
{20:46:04} Blue5472 says: o.O
{20:46:04} Higoten says: i can make one in a existing building
{20:46:04} Alexis Raine says: no one usually farms that far unless they played the game a long time but i don't see a problem in another inn
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{20:46:30} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Hmm…
{20:46:30} Kristoph says: Someone should repeat the thing I said earlier.
{20:46:56} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Well, we don't have anyone witty enough that made an Inn already themselves, then charged.
{20:46:56} Maximus_Alex2003 says: I'm quite surprised no one has done it yet.
{20:46:56} Maximus_Alex2003 says: I mean, it wouldn't be too bad.
{20:47:21} Higoten says: then if no furter comments, we should begin voting.
{20:47:47} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Get a house near Mine or Beach (depending on which career is more favored), then place a few beds in, charge an "entrance fee" and bam. Smooth pocket change.
{20:47:47} Blue5472 says: omg can i run a inn there and make them pay lol
{20:47:47} Higoten says: you may vote privatly by wishpering by me, or saying your vote aloud
{20:48:38} Tomgirl says: disagree no inn will make it to simple
{20:49:04} Maximus_Alex2003 says: I disagree with having an Inn built.
{20:49:29} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Instead, just let players make their own Inns.
{20:49:29} Tomgirl says: disagree ,no inn,it willl make it to easy*
{20:49:29} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Keep the economy going.
{20:49:29} Blue5472 says: i disagree
{20:49:29} Higoten says: then by majority vote, no inn shall be added
{20:49:55} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Hrmm…
{20:50:20} Alexis Raine says: :3
{20:50:20} Higoten says: for my 3ed issue, the addition of a lucky medal spawn
{20:50:20} Maximus_Alex2003 says: If only the carnival was working.
{20:50:20} Alexis Raine says: didn't even need to vote lol
{20:50:20} Blue5472 says: lucky medal spawn?
{20:50:46} Kristoph says: I posit that everyone here hates beds and should be compared to nazis.
{20:50:46} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Whatcha mean by "spawn"? Like a charm will randomly spawn in an area?
{20:51:12} Kristoph says: no he means somewhere that sells them
{20:51:12} Higoten says: a place you could buy a lucky medal
{20:51:12} Alexis Raine says: like he did with the bull charm
{20:51:12} Maximus_Alex2003 says: I disagree. That can be done with Events to get the players more active and have some friendly competition fun.
{20:51:37} Tomgirl says: i thin pedler should come more often
{20:51:37} Tomgirl says: disagree
{20:51:37} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Can't change that, Tomgirl.
{20:51:37} Higoten says: i am unable to have the peddler come more often
{20:52:03} Blue5472 says: peddler comes really often already
{20:52:03} Blue5472 says: use to be once a month
{20:52:03} Tomgirl says: oh…don't i feel stupid
{20:52:03} Blue5472 says: i disagree o.o
{20:52:03} Tomgirl says: lolz
{20:52:03} Maximus_Alex2003 says: I think it's what… 3 days a season now?
{20:52:28} Blue5472 says: 4 days a season
{20:52:28} Blue5472 says: o.O?
{20:52:28} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Wow.
{20:52:28} Higoten says: 4 times a season
{20:52:28} Blue5472 says: times*
{20:52:28} Higoten says: 3 day intervals
{20:52:54} Tomgirl says: oh okay i'll shut up i have no idea what i am talkin about
{20:53:20} Higoten says: then if no furter comments, you can vote aloud or privately now
{20:53:20} Kristoph says: i say no lucky medal spawn + we never speak of this again
{20:53:20} Blue5472 says: kris vote no?
{20:53:20} Blue5472 says: i vote agree!
{20:53:20} Tomgirl says: disagree

{20:53:20} Blue5472 says: lol
{20:53:45} Alexis Raine says: i agree with blue :]
{20:53:45} Maximus_Alex2003 says: I disagree.
{20:53:45} Higoten says: by majority vote, no lucky spawn will be added
{20:54:11} Kristoph says: har har
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{20:54:36} Higoten says: at this time, i have no furter issues, wouldl anyone like to bring anything to attentioin?
{20:54:36} Tomgirl says: *looks around*
{20:55:02} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Hrmm…
{20:55:02} Blue5472 says: umm
{20:55:02} Blue5472 says: ummm..
{20:55:02} Tomgirl says: uhhhhh
{20:55:02} Blue5472 says: houses still for sale?
{20:55:28} Kristoph says: I'd like to bring my penis to everyones attention.
{20:55:28} Higoten says: yes, but i plan to remove them when i ge time
{20:55:28} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Besides declaring me the overlord Vampire King of HM:TR… I would suggest having some Fall Festivals more often (Ex; Svagenger Hunts, Quizes, Riddles, Etc.).
{20:55:53} Blue5472 says: what happens if i buy one before then
{20:55:53} Higoten says: it will mostlikely be lost
{20:55:53} Blue5472 says: lame
{20:56:19} Tomgirl says: oh right*kicks kirs in croch * thanx for meminding me!
{20:56:19} Kristoph says: NO PROBLEM
{20:56:44} Higoten says: would anyone like to second maximus fall events?
{20:56:44} Kristoph says: yes
{20:56:44} Alexis Raine says: yup
{20:56:44} Tomgirl says: me
{20:56:44} Tomgirl says: yup*
{20:56:44} Higoten says: then we shall begin discussion on this topic
{20:57:10} Blue5472 says: wtf can u give as prizes o.o?
{20:57:10} Alexis Raine says: gold
{20:57:10} Higoten says: does anyone waant to say anything before voting begins?
{20:57:10} Kristoph says: BERRIES OF AWESOME
{20:57:36} Alexis Raine says: luky medal
{20:57:36} Alexis Raine says: items? o,o
{20:57:36} Blue5472 says: o.o
{20:58:52} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Prizes can be like Items (Charms, Tickets, Etc.). Contests can be like Scavenger Hunts, Riddles, etc.
{20:58:52} Tomgirl says: races
{20:59:18} Maximus_Alex2003 says: That too.
{20:59:18} Higoten says: then we wiill require an eevent adminstater for this.
{20:59:18} Higoten says: does anyone have any suggestions?
{20:59:18} Alexis Raine says: were working on the track fer races
{20:59:44} Maximus_Alex2003 says: The area SouthWest of Jack's looks good.
{20:59:44} Maximus_Alex2003 says: It's got some good plain lands with nothing in them.
{21:00:09} Blue5472 says: wait every fall?
{21:00:09} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Maybe set up some "flags" that show where to go.
{21:00:09} Higoten says: whenever the event adminstater is present
{21:00:09} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Every fall that the Event Admin is available.
{21:00:09} Blue5472 says: me me me
{21:00:09} Blue5472 says: make me it >.>
{21:00:35} Tomgirl says: i think we should have people affer if they wanna be administer for that and then have everyone vote
{21:00:35} Blue5472 says: *cough* gimme all the prizes first
{21:00:35} Higoten says: would anyone else like to suggest a event adminstester, we currently have: Blue
{21:00:35} Blue5472 says: and sometimes u win a berry instead >.>
{21:01:00} Blue5472 says: oh wait
{21:01:00} Blue5472 says: does that mean i cant win =(?
{21:01:00} Tomgirl says: i will be if you want?
{21:01:00} Higoten says: this is correct
{21:01:26} Blue5472 says: hmmm
{21:01:26} Blue5472 says: oh well thats okay
{21:01:52} Alexis Raine says: =o
{21:01:52} Higoten says: any other additional nomonatations for event adminstaters, we cuurrently have: blue, tomgirl
{21:01:52} Kristoph says: i nominate my penis
{21:02:17} Alexis Raine says: does this mean i can't hold events when I want too?
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{21:02:17} Tomgirl says: kirs i thought this was supoesed to be a kid friendly game D:
{21:02:17} Higoten says: any other additionss?
{21:02:43} Kristoph says: not as long as im here
{21:02:43} Higoten says: you can still hold events whhen you wish, as your still an event adminstater
{21:03:08} Alexis Raine says: ah ya :] kk
{21:03:34} Maximus_Alex2003 says: I nominate Alexis.
{21:03:34} Maximus_Alex2003 says: ;3
{21:03:34} Alexis Raine says: i'm already one *pokes alex* :p
{21:03:34} Higoten says: we currently have : blue, tomgirl, kris, and alex
{21:03:34} Maximus_Alex2003 says: I would volunteer, but I'm not quite active. =(
{21:04:00} Alexis Raine says: kris couldn't be one
{21:04:00} Alexis Raine says: lol
{21:04:00} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Kris would be like "Find my penis and send me a pic of you and you win! :D"
{21:04:00} Maximus_Alex2003 says: AFK.
{21:04:25} Higoten says: if there are no furter nomenations, you may now vote on who you wish to be the adminstaer. you may say your vote alound, or privatly
{21:04:25} Alexis Raine says: exactly
{21:04:25} Alexis Raine says: XD
{21:04:25} Blue5472 says: brb
{21:04:51} Alexis Raine says: wait higoten
{21:04:51} Tomgirl says: if you are running for it can you vote
{21:04:51} Alexis Raine says: we choose one of those people right
{21:05:16} Higoten says: yep
{21:05:16} Higoten says: or may vote agisnt it completely
{21:05:42} Alexis Raine says: nah i think they'd be able to do it
{21:06:08} Kristoph says: Pretty sure the only decent idea out of those 4 is Seilin
{21:06:08} Alexis Raine says: O.o
{21:06:08} Kristoph says: I'm a jackass, blue is…blue and tomgirl is mildly retarded. No offense guys. =)
{21:06:33} Blue5472 says: omg blue win if hes blue
{21:06:33} Blue5472 says: :O
{21:06:33} Alexis Raine says: i think i'm in shock to his response..
{21:06:33} Alexis Raine says: XD
{21:06:59} Tomgirl says: smiles aw thanx kirs :D
{21:06:59} Kristoph says: Like a box of rocks.
{21:07:24} Blue5472 says: o.o
{21:07:24} Blue5472 says: indeed
{21:08:16} Higoten says: did you vote for yourself blue?
{21:08:41} Blue5472 says: uh sure
{21:09:07} Higoten says: then by majority vote, blue is our new fall event adminstater
{21:09:07} Higoten says: nvm :/
{21:09:07} Blue5472 says: how the hell
{21:09:07} Tomgirl says: gooo blue
{21:09:32} Blue5472 says: higoten cant count :O
{21:09:32} Higoten says: its currently 2 for blue and 2 for alex
{21:09:58} Kristoph says: ALEX
{21:09:58} Tomgirl says: someone needs to vote
{21:09:58} Alexis Raine says: two for me
{21:09:58} Alexis Raine says: o,o
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{21:10:49} Alexis Raine says: who didn't vote
{21:10:49} Blue5472 says: enemy!
{21:10:49} Higoten says: max
{21:10:49} Blue5472 says: *kicks*
{21:10:49} Kristoph says: max votes for alex, solved.
{21:11:15} Alexis Raine says: he's prolly busy
{21:11:15} Higoten says: if he does not vote within the next two minites, his vote iwll be defured
{21:11:40} Tomgirl says: defured?
{21:11:40} Alexis Raine says: i say we just split the event admin between me & blue
{21:12:06} Higoten says: any objection to this?
{21:12:06} Tomgirl says: no ;/
{21:12:06} Kristoph says: yes
{21:12:57} Higoten says: then seince kris has objected to this, and max vote being defered
{21:12:57} Higoten says: i will vote.
{21:13:23} Alexis Raine says: ok lol
{21:13:23} Higoten says: and blue is our newest fall event adminstator
{21:13:48} Tomgirl says: aw alexis *hugz*
{21:13:48} Alexis Raine says: congratz blue
{21:14:14} Alexis Raine says: :p
{21:14:14} Blue5472 says: sweet, *quits now* no events ever!
{21:14:14} Tomgirl says: graz blues

{21:14:14} Alexis Raine says: XD
{21:14:14} Blue5472 says: ty :O
{21:14:40} Higoten says: does anyone have anything additional issues to add to this topic?
{21:15:05} Alexis Raine says: higoten who was the other event admin awhile back
{21:15:05} Higoten says: crystalx
{21:15:05} Alexis Raine says: oh righ <.<
{21:15:05} Tomgirl says: lets drink the dancin bee noew
{21:15:31} Tomgirl says: know
{21:15:31} Alexis Raine says: nope :]
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{21:15:56} Higoten says: does anyone else have any additional issues of concern they wish to present?
{21:16:22} Kristoph says: Giving blue any amount of power frightens me.
{21:16:22} Tomgirl says: i second that
{21:16:48} Higoten says: you may bring this up at the next board meeting, but for now, this issue is closed
{21:16:48} Blue5472 says: muhahaa
{21:17:13} Higoten says: iirelevent
{21:17:13} Blue5472 says: giving blue a little bit over power and a dictatorship will soon follow
{21:17:39} Tomgirl says: kirs plz don't cap its soo anoying
{21:17:39} Kristoph says: no
{21:17:39} Tomgirl says: yes it is

{21:17:39} Blue5472 says: kris stop breathing its rather wasteful :D
{21:18:04} Blue5472 says: oh noes…
{21:18:04} Alexis Raine says: higoten is that all the issues for today?
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{21:18:30} Tomgirl says: i gtg bye love yall
{21:18:56} Alexis Raine says: bye
{21:18:56} Higoten says: if no fruter issues of concern are present, then are there any objections to a board meeting being held tuesday, 20:00:00, and if so it fails, it will be held at a plusable time?
{21:18:56} Higoten says: bye
{21:19:21} Blue5472 says: wtf
{21:19:21} Blue5472 says: howd that horse get ther
{21:19:21} Alexis Raine says: there's a new player present sorry
{21:19:21} Kristoph says: never do that again
{21:19:47} Alexis Raine says: he's prolly confused :/
{21:19:47} Blue5472 says: oh nvm
{21:19:47} Blue5472 says: its bugged
{21:19:47} Shavil Dark says:
{21:19:47} Tomgirl says: i see no one signing in'
{21:20:12} Shavil Dark says: It's true that im confused. heh.
{21:20:12} Alexis Raine says: Dark
{21:20:12} Higoten says: then if no objections, this meeting is nwo closed, and the board minites will be avaliable at the sign to the left of jacks soon

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