Board Meeting 6-1-2010

{20:00:00} Higoten says: This meeting has now been called to order
{20:00:00} Silant Turtle says: ok
{20:00:25} Hordewar says: :D YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
{20:00:25} Kristoph says: I'd like to ask for 1m for my emotional distress about thinking I lost my save.
{20:00:25} Hordewar says: :3 so weres the pron u promised us
{20:00:25} Higoten says: lets begin by takeing active player count, any objections to anyone present at this meeting to be active?
Alexis Raine has logged in.
{20:00:51} Silant Turtle says: non that i can think of
{20:01:16} Kristoph says: I object to wangs
{20:01:16} Silant Turtle says: hi alexis
{20:01:42} Higoten says: would anyone like to voice for someone who may be considered active, but is not currently presnt at this meeting?
{20:01:42} Silant Turtle says: hi alexis
{20:01:42} Alexis Raine says: hi
{20:02:08} Hordewar says: PENOS
{20:02:33} Kristoph says: I vote we skip this bit as it is boring
{20:02:33} Hordewar says: :D i sit with u
{20:02:33} Alexis Raine says: hey horde :D
{20:02:33} Higoten says: i vlogude for blue, alex azel, george, and sega
{20:02:59} Alexis Raine says: lights active
{20:03:24} Kristoph says: Can we just say nobody has really stopped playing and move on?
{20:03:24} Higoten says: abc,
{20:03:50} Kristoph says: There's like a billion people on that sign and I cannot remember any of them =(
{20:03:50} Hordewar says: :D i volage for niko and afkman :D
{20:04:16} Alexis Raine says: ok2bgay? lol j/k
{20:04:16} Alexis Raine says: xD
{20:04:16} Hordewar says: :/ im gonna be a little in and out . im looking for dragon warrior monster on byond D:
{20:04:16} Kristoph says: yes, he is active
{20:04:41} Kristoph says: ly fabulous
{20:04:41} Alexis Raine says: crime was on higgy
{20:04:41} Alexis Raine says: hes still active
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{20:04:41} Higoten says: any objects to matt, jake, jerad, tomgirl, omega, shadow, dindo,, fofo crime, or cib?
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{20:05:07} Alexis Raine says: nope :o
{20:05:07} Silant Turtle says: no
{20:05:07} Kristoph says: i havent seen cib recently, have you guys?
{20:05:07} Hordewar says: :/ nvm
{20:05:07} Alexis Raine says: ya he comes on
{20:05:32} Kristoph says: o ok
{20:05:32} Hordewar says: dildo
{20:05:32} Alexis Raine says: he was on like 2 days ago
{20:05:32} Kristoph says: dildo has the best name
Infinities has logged in.
{20:05:58} Higoten says: then with 22 active players, a new admistatior will be choosen
Infinities has logged out.
{20:06:24} Hordewar says: ?
{20:06:49} Higoten says: at this moment in time, it should be known that this converation will be recoreded for furture viewing
{20:07:15} Kristoph says: Are we going to like suggest people for admin?
{20:07:15} Higoten says: now lets move onto the issues, suggestions, so on and so fourth
{20:07:40} Higoten says: seince i have no current issues, would anyone like to present an issue tto the comminite?
{20:07:40} Kristoph says: Alexis won't confess her love for me, it's an issue.
{20:08:06} Higoten says: that sounds of more of a personal issues, then of a legal matter
{20:08:06} Alexis Raine says: O.o if higoten votes on that i'm leaving Xd
{20:08:32} Kristoph says: She should be required to love me, we should take a vote on it.
{20:08:57} Higoten says: defered
{20:08:57} Alexis Raine says: :D
{20:08:57} Kristoph says: baww =(
{20:08:57} Hordewar says: dangrous topic choose words wisely :D
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{20:08:57} Kristoph says: I WILL GET YOU NEXT TIME
{20:08:57} Alexis Raine says: hordes got a new charm :p
{20:09:23} Higoten says: does anyone else have an issue they would like to present to the board?
{20:09:23} Kristoph says: Can I speak for everyone here and say NO, CAN WE GO NOW?
{20:09:23} Alexis Raine says: I do!
{20:09:23} Kristoph says: damnit.
{20:09:48} Alexis Raine says: xD
{20:09:48} Hordewar says: :o i do
{20:09:48} Higoten says: alexis first
{20:09:48} Alexis Raine says: horde may go first :]
{20:09:48} Hordewar says: :D ok
{20:09:48} Kristoph says: Wait, I've got one…or two.
{20:10:14} Hordewar says: alex u go
{20:10:14} Higoten says: ok, horde can go first
{20:10:14} Alexis Raine says: no you horde its fine
{20:10:14} Kristoph says: How about I go first?!
{20:10:14} Alexis Raine says: :]
{20:10:14} Silant Turtle says: lol make up your mides
{20:10:14} Higoten says: alex, go first Xd
{20:11:05} Silant Turtle says: darn i have bad spelling today
{20:11:05} Higoten says: then horde, then kris.
{20:11:31} Alexis Raine says: Well, since there is no muting on here, & or ignoring button for players…. it makes it hard to deal with the arguements that scare players off :o
{20:11:56} Hordewar says: :/ horde is no longer avalible plz proceed with caution :D
{20:11:56} Alexis Raine says: fofo had another outburst earliar
{20:11:56} Alexis Raine says: they made fun of his name & he went crazy
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{20:12:22} Alexis Raine says: so any suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciated
{20:12:22} Hordewar says: hmm
{20:12:22} Hordewar says: :D a new account?
{20:12:48} Kristoph says: I suggest banning fofo
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{20:13:13} Alexis Raine says: but u guys attacked his name >.>
{20:13:13} Higoten says: tell them to leave him alone, if they fail to listen, by the rules as stated on the sign, then illnilaize pushinment if failure to comply
{20:13:13} Alexis Raine says: so i can see why he was upset
{20:13:39} Alexis Raine says: if someone picks on a player then first warn then a boot?
{20:14:04} Alexis Raine says: then if it furthers go to higgy
{20:14:04} Alexis Raine says: :o
{20:14:04} Higoten says: that is at the disgression of the adminstrator, but that would suffice
{20:14:04} Hordewar says: :o when did i attack
{20:14:04} Kristoph says: The thing is he is ALWAYS going to do something like that, he is pretty much mentally incapable of not having those outbursts.
{20:14:30} Alexis Raine says: alrightie ^_^
{20:14:30} Alexis Raine says: I know :/
{20:14:56} Higoten says: very well, we can move onto hordes issue then
{20:14:56} Alexis Raine says: fofofo has anger issues lol
{20:14:56} Hordewar says: :D ok
{20:14:56} Kristoph says: When he did it we didn't even know he was mad about his name thing because he waited so long to just start being a dick.
{20:15:21} Hordewar says: >:( my issue is with the lack of events on this game :D
{20:15:47} Higoten says: do you have a proposed solution to this issue?
{20:16:12} Hordewar says: :D YEP
{20:16:12} Kristoph says: Make blue do something for a change?
{20:16:38} Hordewar says: :D we hold events like how we hold this meeting here .
{20:17:04} Kristoph says: DUDES, I just had a bitchin idea for an event.
{20:17:04} Higoten says: would we like to assign a additional event adminstrator?
{20:17:29} Silant Turtle says: there are events on this game? other then this
{20:17:29} Kristoph says: I don't think one of those is necessary, maybe you could like just take ideas from players to do stuff and then do it?
{20:17:29} Hordewar says: :P idk would the jury like to ?
{20:18:20} Kristoph says: Maybe instead of an events admin you could just let someone who has an idea for an event carry it out themselves for the most part/you do it?
{20:18:46} Hordewar says: :D scavenger hunts :3 where higo drops nonbreakable items hideden through out the map :D
{20:19:12} Kristoph says: Yeah, I had thought about that.
{20:19:12} Alexis Raine says: higoten did an amazing scavenger hunt one day u all missed it
{20:19:12} Kristoph says: If he logs in his alter ego with no name nobody can even watch him =P
{20:19:37} Silant Turtle says: awww
{20:19:37} Alexis Raine says: he added npcs throughs the map
{20:19:37} Hordewar says: :3 it would have to be higo because the items would have to be specially marked
{20:19:37} Alexis Raine says: that lead u with clues it was so much fun
{20:19:37} Alexis Raine says: :]
{20:19:37} Hordewar says: :O seriously?
{20:19:37} Alexis Raine says: yes
{20:20:03} Hordewar says: :o
{20:20:03} Higoten says: say yep, it was rather experimental
{20:20:03} Alexis Raine says: I took part in it & suggested he do it lol
{20:20:28} Alexis Raine says: everyone seemed to love it as well :]
{20:20:54} Higoten says: althought, oi suppose i overestimenated the general knolage of the player bases knoloage of the world
{20:20:54} Hordewar says: lol
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{20:21:20} Kristoph says: + It'd help if you could communicate properly with text.
{20:21:20} Higoten says: they didnt relize there were two harvest statues :/
{20:21:20} Kristoph says: rofl <_<
{20:21:45} Silant Turtle says: how did they not notace the 2ed one
{20:21:45} Kristoph says: it's out of the way
{20:21:45} Higoten says: ask alex, she partispated in the event
{20:21:45} Hordewar says: :O i thought there were like 4
{20:22:11} Kristoph says: Nobody really goes into that area except for the one time to get the third book
{20:22:11} Hordewar says: :D u has to cross a pond/lake top get to her
{20:22:36} Hordewar says: :P ive been lost before ;P
{20:22:36} Kristoph says: I mean honestly most people only ever farm at the farm at the start
{20:22:36} Alexis Raine says: no one knew where timmy was & i loled at that
{20:22:36} Alexis Raine says: he was why i won
{20:22:36} Alexis Raine says: XD
{20:23:02} Hordewar says: :o timmy ?
{20:23:02} Kristoph says: Is timmy in the mayor or the animal place?
{20:23:02} Higoten says: the baby in bobs animal shop
{20:23:02} Alexis Raine says: lol ya in cow place
{20:23:02} Hordewar says: :o
{20:23:02} Kristoph says: lol'd
{20:23:28} Alexis Raine says: how could u not know hes so cute
{20:23:28} Alexis Raine says: XD
{20:23:28} Kristoph says: because he doesnt say anything does he?
{20:23:53} Alexis Raine says: wilds fault
{20:23:53} Kristoph says: HE SERVES NO PURPOSE, and not everyone has teleport >=(
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{20:23:53} Higoten says: alex used random cookie, which does not have admistive powers
{20:24:19} Alexis Raine says: yup :o
{20:24:19} Hordewar says: :/ yeah teleport powers would have to be removed
BoyGeorge has logged in.
{20:24:19} Kristoph says: Someone go get george
{20:24:19} Alexis Raine says: i didn't tele
{20:24:19} Kristoph says: NOW YOU LAZY BUMS
{20:24:44} Kristoph says: george, come to the bar pls
{20:24:44} Higoten says: board meeting at wilds bar george
{20:24:44} Kristoph says: alexis is getting him
{20:25:10} Kristoph says: I'm not even entirely sure if he knows where the bar is lolz
{20:25:36} Higoten says: anyways, contiinueing with this topic, have we come to a conclusion as to what we wish to do for the event issue?
{20:25:36} Hordewar says: :D start holding them
{20:26:01} Alexis Raine says: :]
{20:26:01} Alexis Raine says: i has me a george
{20:26:01} Kristoph says: Seeing as an event admin isn't but a normal player, I suggest encouraging people to come up with ideas for events and if they can do it themselves, have them do it.
Azel has logged in.
{20:26:52} Higoten says: azel, board meeting at the bar
{20:26:52} Kristoph says: GOD DAMNIT I HATE YOU
{20:26:52} Hordewar says: but if people hold them them selves then less people would be included
{20:27:18} BoyGeorge says: Ugggh… I just woke up.
{20:27:44} Higoten says: so what are we voteing on?
{20:27:44} Kristoph says: Having it player run doesn't mean it will be a flop
{20:27:44} Kristoph says: I'm guessing Horde just wants you to make and do more events yourself
{20:28:09} Kristoph says: When I say "yourself" I am referring to Higoten.
{20:28:09} Higoten says: is this true?
{20:28:35} Hordewar says: damn it i was in the middle of typing :P

{20:28:35} Kristoph says: I like how I am sitting next to a trinibo.
{20:28:35} Kristoph says: with ADHD
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{20:29:26} Higoten says: any additional comments to this topic?
Sega Queen has logged in.
{20:29:26} BoyGeorge says: I think there should be an event for fall simply because Fall is the most boring of the seasons, and the least profitable.
{20:29:26} Hordewar says: at first but after kristoph brought up players making up the events it seemed more fun :D
{20:29:26} Kristoph says: someone fetch sega
{20:29:52} Hordewar says: yes i think we should vote :D
{20:29:52} Kristoph says: TO THE BAR, MAIDEN
{20:29:52} Higoten says: what are we voteing on?
{20:29:52} Higoten says: just to support more events?
{20:30:17} Kristoph says: I don't think there's a vote here so much as asking you to encourage people to come up with ideas for events/offer to help if they need it.
{20:30:17} Hordewar says: first - wether or not to hold events entirely. 2nd on rules regulation events and 3rd :D where my cake is
{20:30:43} Alexis Raine says: sega needs a seat
{20:31:08} Hordewar says: :3 sega can has my seat when she gets here
{20:31:08} Alexis Raine says: ^_^
{20:31:08} Kristoph says: I don't know if she even knows to come to the bar, I mean it's not like she's going to listen to me about going anywhere for any reason.
{20:31:34} Kristoph says: …and I was the only one who told her to come here…
{20:32:00} Higoten says: then let us begin voteing, 1 for having events entirely, and 2 for no longer holdiing events, if you wish for your vote to remain privative, you may wishper it to me, and it will be edited from the meeting notes
{20:32:25} Hordewar says: :D 1
{20:32:25} BoyGeorge says: I vote 1.
{20:32:25} Silant Turtle says: 1
{20:33:16} Higoten says: then by the 3 to 5 currently here, events will be continued
{20:33:16} Hordewar says: :3
{20:33:42} Higoten says: now lets begin open discussion of the second part of hordewars issue, rules and regulations for events
{20:33:42} Alexis Raine says: yays a sega :D
{20:33:42} Sega Queen says: Sorry I wsa late, I was eatting pie. D:
{20:34:08} Silant Turtle says: i got an issue
{20:34:08} Hordewar says: :D i believe that there should be a notification period for the event
{20:34:08} Higoten says: please hold onto it till kris presents his issue, after hordewars issue is finished
{20:34:33} Silant Turtle says: ok
{20:34:33} Higoten says: thank you
{20:34:33} Kristoph says: I suggest we ban people. Like for instance Shadow.
{20:34:33} BoyGeorge says: What would that entail, Horde? Would there be anything else?
{20:34:59} BoyGeorge says: I mean to notify.
{20:36:16} Hordewar says: some people only get on the game a couple times a week :P (such as i :3) and new players that join would miss out
{20:36:16} Sega Queen says: Hmm..what did Shadow do to have to get bannned?
{20:36:41} Kristoph says: General jackassery + cheating
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{20:37:07} Sega Queen says: Cheating? how?
{20:37:07} Hordewar says: :P and it would also ensure that people that want top participate in the event would be able to be there
{20:37:07} Higoten says: he is not currently banned, but he has been accused of abuseing the afk kick to duplicatcate money
{20:37:32} Kristoph says: Also I resent having to spy on him constantly to document his cheating
{20:37:32} Higoten says: how much of a time period should there be before an event?
{20:37:58} Hordewar says: 4-7 days maybe ?
{20:37:58} BoyGeorge says: I we would do events, I would think we should have the event assigned to said event maker. It should be understood to everyone, through announcements or form the event maker themself, that they do semi-periodical, or periodical events on said day.
{20:38:49} BoyGeorge says: It would be a lot of hassle to have it be like Horde is saying, is all. It's certainly doable but more likely to fall through the cracks.
{20:39:15} Alexis Raine says: ooh i just thought of something <.<
{20:39:15} Alexis Raine says: now i must lag my way to higoten!
{20:39:40} Hordewar says: :P i just making it up as im going along folks D: and ill be leaving u soon with a very entertaining subject in my opinion :P
{20:40:06} Higoten says: whisper hello
{20:40:06} Kristoph says: OK
{20:40:32} BoyGeorge says: Hahaha. Honestly, I very much fancy the idea of events! I would like to see a new years event or a fall event myself :)
{20:40:57} Alexis Raine says: *cries with lag*
{20:40:57} Hordewar says: :D
{20:40:57} Sega Queen says: D:
{20:41:23} BoyGeorge says: I like the idea of New Years trivia, like in canon HM games. Not sure about Fall, however.
{20:41:48} Alexis Raine says: waaah ;_;
{20:42:40} Hordewar says: :P well argue amoung urselfves for awhile and ill try and be back for the results tomorrow ;3
{20:42:40} Alexis Raine says: :D
{20:42:40} Alexis Raine says: yaaay
{20:43:05} Higoten says: would we like to agree to just run events when enoght players are playing?
{20:43:05} Hordewar says: bye :D
{20:43:05} Higoten says: good bye
{20:43:05} Alexis Raine says: then i shall host events when i can & am more tolerable internet
{20:43:05} Kristoph says: yeah that sounds good
{20:43:31} Hordewar says: :P ok i can agree to that
Hordewar has logged out.
{20:43:31} Higoten says: very well, then i belive we c an conclude this topic
{20:43:56} Higoten says: would you like to present your issue to the commity kris?
{20:43:56} Alexis Raine says: yup yup :]
{20:44:22} Kristoph says: I suggest that thing I suggested earlier.
{20:44:48} Alexis Raine says: i want a beer that shakes
{20:44:48} Kristoph says: That thing being banning Shadow for general jackassery and cheating, more than once.
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{20:45:13} Higoten says: defered, as to banning is decided by me, and he has been punished and a warning for a smaller crime
{20:45:13} Maximus_Alex2003 says: It's a Sega Queen!
{20:45:13} Alexis Raine says: ;_;
{20:45:13} Sega Queen says: It's A Max! :O
{20:45:39} Higoten says: woudld you like to present your issue to the board now turle?
{20:46:04} Alexis Raine says: can't moveee
{20:46:04} Sega Queen says: is this beer? xD
{20:46:30} Silant Turtle says: ya why are there never any bees or are they just hiding from me
{20:46:30} Higoten says: bees are spawned randomly by flowers
{20:46:30} Maximus_Alex2003 says: You need to grow flowers.
{20:46:56} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Tis Kool-Aid, Sega.
{20:46:56} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Just, if the cops say it's spiked, run… RUN!
{20:46:56} BoyGeorge says: The bouncing around was annoying me.
{20:46:56} Sega Queen says: xD
{20:46:56} Silant Turtle says: ah that is why thanks
{20:47:21} Sega Queen says: lolz
{20:47:21} Higoten says: your welcome
{20:47:21} Higoten says: do we have any furter issues to be presented to the board at this time?
{20:47:47} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Yes sir.
{20:47:47} Sega Queen says: It's yellow kool aid. D: not cool! D:<
{20:47:47} Higoten says: feel free to present max
{20:47:47} Kristoph says: it's where yellow snow comes from
{20:47:47} Maximus_Alex2003 says: First, I'd like to nominate me as King of Trinity Ranch, like I promote every board meeting.
{20:48:12} Sega Queen says: xD
{20:48:12} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Second, I would like to just say… ''Hello.''
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{20:48:38} BoyGeorge says: Alex, you amuse me :p.
{20:48:38} Alexis Raine says: at some point the beer was taken away O_O
{20:49:04} Kristoph says: Alex, I will support you if you will allow me to be your queen.
{20:49:04} Alexis Raine says: its back!
{20:49:04} Maximus_Alex2003 says: o.o
{20:49:04} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Nu.
{20:49:04} Maximus_Alex2003 says: You shall be the Donkey to my Shrek.
{20:49:04} Kristoph says: YOU WILL RUE THE DAY
{20:49:29} Sega Queen says: xD
{20:49:29} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Rue…
{20:49:29} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Isn't that a bread or something?
{20:49:29} BoyGeorge says: That'll do, donkey. That'll do.
{20:49:55} BoyGeorge says: Rye, Alex.
{20:49:55} Kristoph says: Wikipedia is telling me it's a shrub.
{20:49:55} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Rue (Ruta) is a genus of strongly scented evergreen subshrubs
{20:49:55} Sega Queen says: :O
{20:50:20} Kristoph says:
{20:50:20} Maximus_Alex2003 says: I do not wish to be a strongly scented evergreen sub-shrub.
{20:50:46} BoyGeorge says: But we can make you into a new kind of Absinthe if we try long and hard enough.
{20:51:12} Higoten says: continueing, are we defering this issue, or do we wish to vote apon it?
{20:51:12} Maximus_Alex2003 says: I'm pretty sure I would make a horrible planet, if turned into a vegetable.
{20:51:12} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Which issue?
{20:51:37} Sega Queen says: xD
{20:51:37} Kristoph says: NO ISSUES HERE
{20:51:37} Maximus_Alex2003 says: plant*
{20:51:37} Kristoph says: move along
{20:51:37} Silant Turtle says: back did i miss anything importent?
{20:51:37} Higoten says: of you becomeing the king of TR
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{20:51:37} Sega Queen says: Hmmm..YES!
{20:51:37} Kristoph says: god damnit, goten =(
{20:51:37} BoyGeorge says: The Alex being king and Kris being an ass proposal.
{20:52:03} Sega Queen says: You missed everything! xD
{20:52:03} Kristoph says: Screw it, I feel included now. Okay I'm for it.
{20:52:28} Silant Turtle says: sweet anouther beer
{20:52:54} Sega Queen says: Wait..Max told me this was Kool aid. D:<
{20:52:54} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Wait..
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{20:52:54} Maximus_Alex2003 says: I don't wanna be King anymore.
{20:52:54} Silant Turtle says: thanks whoever gave that to me
{20:53:20} Higoten says: then let us vote, 1 for max being the king oof TR, 2 for not, althought a king is rarely voted on, this will be defered for this moment in this, if you wish for your vote to ramain privite, you may wisper it to me
{20:53:20} Kristoph says: Can I at least get voted an ass?
{20:53:20} Maximus_Alex2003 says: I wish to be a homeless bum, who is secretly a vampire that lurks in the night, stalking prey.
{20:53:20} Sega Queen says: I take Maxes place then! :D
{20:53:45} BoyGeorge says: Sega King Queen, Sir.
{20:53:45} Sega Queen says: Lolz!!!
{20:53:45} Kristoph says: you're already the sega queen apparently, you can't be royalty here too
{20:54:11} Alexis Raine says: can i be a sumthing too :D
{20:54:11} Sega Queen says: But..I can be two Queens. D:
{20:54:11} BoyGeorge says: I'm rather fond of their being no monarchy's in Trinity Ranch XD
{20:54:11} Kristoph says: NO DOUBLE ROYALTY, it's in the handbook.
{20:54:36} Silant Turtle says: can i be a turtle?
{20:54:36} Sega Queen says: xD
{20:54:36} Kristoph says: Yes.
{20:54:36} Silant Turtle says: yay
{20:54:36} BoyGeorge says: I'm already a queen. I don't need to prove myself :o
{20:54:36} Kristoph says: damn right
{20:54:36} Sega Queen says: lolz
{20:55:02} Higoten says: this issue has been defered as irleveent, this may be continued in a informal converation
{20:55:02} BoyGeorge says: *there
{20:55:28} Higoten says: any other additional issues to be presented to the board?
{20:55:28} Maximus_Alex2003 says: o.o
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{20:55:28} Sega Queen says: :O
{20:55:53} Kristoph says: alexis got kicked
{20:55:53} Maximus_Alex2003 says: I have a slight poll.
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{20:55:53} Sega Queen says: I think Higs wants to talk about cookies now! D:<
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{20:55:53} Maximus_Alex2003 says: What is the most common place, for everyone to be at?
{20:56:19} Higoten says: jacks house
{20:56:19} Kristoph says: Do you mean overall or us each individually?
{20:56:19} BoyGeorge says: In front of Jack's house… Uhm. It's where I'm always at.
{20:56:19} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Hrm…
{20:56:44} Silant Turtle says: in jacks home
{20:56:44} Maximus_Alex2003 says: There goes my business strategy then.
{20:57:10} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Oh.
{20:57:10} Silant Turtle says: what was it?
{20:57:10} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Hrm…
{20:57:36} Alexis Raine says: gimmie my seat back!
{20:57:36} Higoten says: any other additonal issues to be presented?
{20:57:36} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Oh, just deciding to open an Inn.
{20:57:36} Alexis Raine says: :D
{20:57:36} Maximus_Alex2003 says:
{20:57:36} Sega Queen says: xD
{20:58:01} Alexis Raine says: hmm
{20:58:01} Silant Turtle says: ah just open it in jacks home then
{20:58:01} Sega Queen says: HUSH!
{20:58:27} Higoten says: then if no additional issues are to be preseneted to the comminity, let us move along
{20:58:52} Maximus_Alex2003 says: I was gonna announce something else, but I'll keep it between me and my associate until I have some solid ground developed.
{20:58:52} Sega Queen says: :O
{20:59:18} Higoten says: at this moment in time, I belive it would be aprropate to announce the new additional to our adminstravive team
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{21:01:00} Higoten says: after much dussicusion, scolling though names on dream deamon, observeing and watching people, more dussicusion bettween my other admins, which included alot of , I dont know, what do you think's and so on and so fourth. I have come to a decisioin
{21:01:26} Maximus_Alex2003 says: O.o
{21:01:52} Sega Queen says: :o
{21:02:17} Higoten says: it was much more difficult to chose an adminstiver this time then it was in previous times, becouse of the number of players who all were on about the sam leve, with no one really sticcking out as a clear choice
{21:02:43} Kristoph says: I bet he's picked someone awful and I'm going to rage.
{21:02:43} Higoten says: but, without furuter adue, i present our newest adminstator, Boygeorge
{21:03:08} Sega Queen says: :D
{21:03:08} Kristoph says: GOD DAMNIT, FUCK THIS SHIT I QU-oh okay.
{21:03:08} Maximus_Alex2003 says: Uh… cheers?
{21:03:08} BoyGeorge says: *waves* Hi :)
{21:03:08} Sega Queen says: :O
{21:03:34} Higoten says: if he accepts the responability, of corsee
{21:03:34} BoyGeorge says: I accept ^_^
{21:04:00} Kristoph says: Just so we're clear you're not trying to make me behave, k?
{21:04:00} Sega Queen says: * is the only one claping*
{21:04:00} Higoten says: very well, then I now present our newest admin, boygeorge
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{21:04:25} Kristoph says: fuck yeah, seakips.
{21:04:25} Higoten says: please listen to him, and follow accordingly
{21:04:25} Silant Turtle says: i can't clap my hands are full with beer
{21:04:51} Sega Queen says: xD
{21:04:51} Sega Queen says: Oh really? D:
{21:05:16} BoyGeorge says: The beer is clapping for you, Silant.
{21:05:16} Kristoph says: I probably won't do that thing goten just said to do but good choice for mod.
{21:05:16} Silant Turtle says: lol i think it is
{21:05:42} Higoten says: This concludes this weeks board meeting, and the next one will be held next week, same time, same place

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