Board Meeting 6/15/2010

{20:32:25} Higoten says: This Meeting of 6/15/2010 has now been called to order
{20:32:25} Alexis Raine says: i was gonna ask how kris bypassed the world chat block
{20:32:25} Alexis Raine says: XD
{20:32:51} Higoten says: lets begin by taking standard active player count
{20:32:51} Higoten says: any objections to anyone currently here being active?
{20:33:42} Alexis Raine says: to take off your sign?
{20:33:42} Higoten says: would anyone like to vouch for any active players?
{20:34:08} Higoten says: i will update the sign with the lsit we create here
{20:34:08} Kristoph says: Alexis was saying you were missing some girls
{20:34:08} Kristoph says: And perhaps a Drew?
{20:34:08} Alexis Raine says: Zeriz, Amanda
{20:34:33} Alexis Raine says: limechan
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{20:34:33} Alexis Raine says: jessie
{20:34:33} Kristoph says: wasnt there another girl or did she quit
{20:34:59} Alexis Raine says: nowatimean
{20:34:59} Alexis Raine says: brittany?
{20:34:59} Zeriz says: Sega?
{20:34:59} Kristoph says: no that one girl that followed you around
{20:34:59} Kristoph says: chyna?
{20:34:59} Higoten says: mr house?
{20:35:24} Alexis Raine says: chyna cat
{20:35:24} Kristoph says: also cinnom
{20:35:24} Zeriz says: jessie?
{20:35:24} Alexis Raine says: shes active she has gone fer 3 days
{20:35:50} Higoten says: lanz?
{20:36:16} Alexis Raine says: superdude
{20:36:16} Higoten says: dindo
BoyGeorge has logged out.
Edward has logged in.
{20:36:41} Alexis Raine says: hmm
{20:36:41} Higoten says: oh, boy george Xd
{20:36:41} Alexis Raine says: george ain't on your sign?
{20:36:41} Edward says: HIIIII
{20:36:41} Alexis Raine says: juggles
{20:37:07} Alexis Raine says: i guess
{20:37:07} Higoten says: ya, but im going to completely erase that sign and update it with the list we form here
{20:37:07} Alexis Raine says: sega
{20:37:32} Alexis Raine says: shilvi?
{20:37:32} Kristoph says: you can axe azel and fofo lololol
{20:37:32} Higoten says: has he been around?
{20:37:32} Kristoph says: i havent seen shilvi in the past few days but yes
{20:37:58} Alexis Raine says: dunno since kris caught him cheating but him & johe are busy
{20:37:58} Higoten says: johe too?
{20:37:58} Muff2 says: herp derp
{20:38:24} Kristoph says: hallo mistah moofley
{20:38:24} Muff2 says: hello friend
{20:38:24} Kristoph says: have i told you how much having a 40 inch monitor gives me a boner lately?
{20:38:24} Muff2 says: yes
{20:38:49} Kristoph says: I have one right now!
{20:38:49} Higoten says: id skim through my DD for people who have loged in, but i dont have that ability anymore
{20:38:49} Muff2 says: a 40 inch monitor or a boner
{20:38:49} Muff2 says: or both
{20:38:49} Kristoph says: both lol
{20:39:15} Kristoph says: you know what you can do MISTAR SMARTY PONTS
{20:39:40} Kristoph says: log into the server and sort the saves by date modified
{20:39:40} Higoten says: can you do that?
{20:39:40} Kristoph says: Do you mean you want me to do it?
{20:40:06} Higoten says: i can do it, ive just never seen that before
{20:40:32} Kristoph says: just login, go into the saves dir
{20:40:32} Kristoph says: and click the changed tab
{20:40:32} Higoten says: mr powerful?
{20:40:57} Higoten says: tomgirl
{20:40:57} Higoten says: do we consider lyra active?
{20:41:23} Alexis Raine says: mr.powerful,crasher, & zeriz=same person
{20:41:23} Alexis Raine says: yes lyra is now
{20:41:23} Higoten says: oh :o
{20:41:23} Muff2 says: you should consider me active
{20:41:48} Higoten says: max?
{20:41:48} Higoten says: your already on the list :P
{20:41:48} Muff2 says: o rly!
{20:41:48} Zeriz says: rly
{20:41:48} Alexis Raine says: alex
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{20:42:14} Alexis Raine says: forestsage
{20:42:14} Alexis Raine says: funfreind
{20:42:14} Zeriz says: i tot forest quited?
{20:42:14} Higoten says: samula jackson?
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{20:42:40} Alexis Raine says: when did forest quit? o.o
{20:42:40} Zeriz says: i duno?
{20:42:40} Higoten says: did he?
{20:43:05} Zeriz says: he has not on for few weeks
{20:43:05} Alexis Raine says: he didn't quit when i was here
{20:43:05} Alexis Raine says: he was on a few days ago
{20:43:05} Zeriz says: oh
{20:43:31} Higoten says: blue?
{20:43:31} Higoten says: matt?
{20:43:31} Kristoph says: yes
{20:43:31} Kristoph says: both
{20:43:56} Higoten says: ginetz?
{20:43:56} Alexis Raine says: Geintz
{20:43:56} Alexis Raine says: yes
{20:43:56} Higoten says: i think ive only seen him log in and out
{20:43:56} Alexis Raine says: matt
{20:43:56} Higoten says: ok
{20:44:22} Alexis Raine says: blue
{20:44:22} Alexis Raine says: tomgirl
{20:44:22} Alexis Raine says: horde
{20:44:48} Alexis Raine says: u got jessie & her brother right?
{20:44:48} Higoten says: ya
{20:44:48} Alexis Raine says: & Drew
{20:44:48} Higoten says: has omega been on lately?
{20:45:13} Alexis Raine says: no
{20:45:13} Zeriz says: ya no on
{20:45:13} Higoten says: ok, then i think thats pretty much everyone
{20:45:13} Alexis Raine says: notoria shows up when hes not busy
{20:45:39} Alexis Raine says: don't forget amanda
{20:45:39} Higoten says: i got her Xd
{20:45:39} Alexis Raine says: she'd be sad
{20:45:39} Alexis Raine says: lol
{20:45:39} Higoten says: does this conclude our active player count?
{20:46:04} Alexis Raine says: hmm
{20:46:04} Kristoph says: could you two move down a couple tiles while i commit jackassery?
{20:46:04} Alexis Raine says: i feel like i'm missing someone
{20:46:30} Zeriz says: EdwarD?
{20:46:30} Alexis Raine says: edward is kris
{20:46:30} Edward says: Mastermatthew
{20:46:30} Zeriz says: 0h
{20:46:30} Edward says: that is his current sign
{20:47:21} Higoten says: Any additional additions based off the kriis list got for us?
{20:47:21} Higoten says: list kris*
{20:47:47} Higoten says: Then if no furter addtions, then our active player count added up to 31, as compaired to a few weeks ago which i belive was 22
{20:48:12} Edward says: lets make 5 new mods for lulz
{20:48:38} Higoten says: You may chose thoses in the manner you feel appropate
{20:48:38} Kristoph says: you're no fun
{20:49:29} Higoten says: Lets move onto issues, that of which i have a few to present to the board before we begin open discussion
{20:49:55} Kristoph says: BEFORE I FORGET: Moving the sheet metal and nuts and bolts to where blacksmiths cannot get trapped
{20:50:20} Higoten says: First, was suggested by kris a few weeks ago, which was to move the sheet medal and the other other ingredemtn for medal frames to a place where you couuld less easyly get stuck
{20:50:20} Kristoph says: har har
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{20:50:46} Higoten says: nuts and bolts
{20:51:12} Higoten says: This is be a convence to blacksmiths, as to getting stuck by your triiabo is offten times reason to rrelog and lose iron ores
{20:51:37} Higoten says: any addional comments aboout this before we begin voteing?
{20:51:37} Kristoph says: I cannot possibly think of a reason why you'd be against doing this is all I've got to say
{20:52:28} Alexis Raine says: i didn't know they get stuck lol
{20:52:54} Higoten says: Then, if no furter comments about this issue, let us begin voteing, 1 for Yes, and 2 For no, If you wish, you may wishper you vote to me if you wish for it to remain private
{20:52:54} Kristoph says: yeah, if you fill your trinibo with crap and then buy something where their nuts and bolts and sheet metal are you're boned
{20:52:54} Kristoph says: 1
{20:52:54} Alexis Raine says: 1
{20:53:20} Zeriz says: 1
{20:53:20} Edward says: 1
{20:53:45} Alexis Raine says: edward does not count
{20:53:45} Kristoph says: xD
{20:54:11} Alexis Raine says: :p
{20:54:11} Higoten says: assumeing that edward is kris, 3 vs 0 concluded that the spawns will be moved to a different area, althoguht do to ingame limitations, the current spawns will still be present
{20:54:11} Alexis Raine says: else i'll log in my my 501 keys d:
{20:54:36} Kristoph says: i bet i've got moar
Mastermatthew has logged in.
{20:55:02} Kristoph says: I suggest making the current spawns cost $999999 FOR AWESOME
{20:55:28} Higoten says: Second on my agenda, is the process to make unbuyable the scarecrow
{20:55:53} Higoten says: please hold your suggestion untill after my agenda kris
{20:56:19} Higoten says: The scarecrow is a item that is next to impossible to get rid of via normal means
{20:56:19} Mastermatthew says: what did I miss
{20:56:19} Kristoph says: I kind of want to ask who suggested this
{20:56:19} Higoten says: and has little to no use
{20:56:44} Higoten says: they wished to ramaine announmouse
{20:56:44} Alexis Raine says: new spawn point for blacksmithing items
{20:57:10} Alexis Raine says: & this is the 2nd issues
{20:57:36} Kristoph says: I object to ruining scarecrows, however will I protect my items?
{20:57:36} Higoten says: does anyone has any comment about this issue before we begin voteing?
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{20:58:27} Kristoph says: I pretty much don't think it's a big deal to ask a mod to get rid of them if you have one
{20:58:52} Higoten says: Then if not furter comments about tthis issue, lets begin voteing, 1 for Yes, prevent the ability to buy, 2 for No, Keep it the way it is, If you wish, you may wishper you comment to me for it to remain private
{20:59:44} Mastermatthew says: 2
{20:59:44} Zeriz says: 2
{20:59:44} Kristoph says: 2
{21:00:09} Muff2 says: what was the issue again
{21:00:09} Higoten says: due to majoriate rules, 3 vs the possible remaine 2, the spawn will not be changed
{21:00:09} Kristoph says: killing scarecrows off, muff
{21:00:09} Muff2 says: uh
{21:00:35} Muff2 says: i want them to stay
{21:00:35} Kristoph says: already done lol
{21:00:35} Muff2 says: okty
{21:01:00} Higoten says: This concludes my agenda of issues, You may began Presenting issues openly to the board, in an orderly fashion please
{21:01:00} Mastermatthew says: Removal of the buyable blaster hoe, It is a farmer only item and should be kept as such
{21:01:26} Kristoph says: I kind of agree but the damage has already been done, kind of a dick move for newer chars.
{21:01:52} Higoten says: The Blaster hoe was added to defer people from being relatively useless job, Does anyone have any addtional comments of this isssue before we begin voteing?
{21:02:43} Kristoph says: Yes: HUG ME
{21:02:43} Alexis Raine says: xD
{21:02:43} Mastermatthew says: *hugs*
{21:03:08} Kristoph says: winned
{21:03:34} Alexis Raine says: i kinda do
{21:04:00} Alexis Raine says: if u take the blaster hoe away now for people who thought they could get it before are going to be mad
{21:04:00} Mastermatthew says: And
{21:04:00} Muff2 says: i saw higoten give it away as a reward
{21:04:25} Mastermatthew says: It was a poor descision
{21:04:25} Muff2 says: also its true
{21:04:25} Muff2 says: you dont see a buyable rod of the master baiter
{21:04:25} Alexis Raine says: its buyable
{21:04:25} Muff2 says: i know it is
{21:04:51} Mastermatthew says: I agree with muff
{21:04:51} Alexis Raine says: the damage is kinda done now & prolly was voted on before
{21:04:51} Mastermatthew says: Who was agreeing with me
{21:05:16} Kristoph says: I agree but it's really too late now, you'd just be being a jerk to people who make new chars. This is something you remove at the start of a save wipe.
{21:05:16} Higoten says: The ROMB was not made buyable due to its slight use, the gaining of an ocean diamond
{21:05:16} Muff2 says: there is the rod of the deep blue
{21:05:42} Muff2 says: it basically does the same thing
{21:05:42} Kristoph says: that doesnt give ocean diamonds
{21:05:42} Higoten says: that of which you cannot get the ocean diamond
{21:05:42} Muff2 says: oic
{21:05:42} Mastermatthew says: Can we vote now >:O
{21:06:08} Kristoph says: i have nothing else to add
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{21:06:08} Muff2 says: i have scabies
{21:06:08} Alexis Raine says: me either
{21:06:33} Mastermatthew says: 1 for start voting or 2, no we must continue stupid conversations
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{21:06:33} Higoten says: then if no additional comments to the issue at hand, 1 for yes, removal the blaster hoe, and 2 for no, keep it here. You may wishper you vote tto me if you wish for it to remain private
{21:06:33} Muff2 says: 2
{21:06:59} Kristoph says: 2
{21:06:59} Alexis Raine says: 2
{21:06:59} Zeriz says: 2
{21:06:59} Mastermatthew says: 1
{21:06:59} Kristoph says: DEMOLISHED
{21:07:24} Higoten says: With 4 vs 1 the blaster hoe will remain buyable
{21:07:24} Muff2 says: quad damage
{21:07:24} Mastermatthew says: >.<
{21:07:24} Mastermatthew says: Totally not fair
{21:07:24} Muff2 says: also if it were the beginning of a wipe i wouldve voted 1
{21:07:50} Kristoph says: Changing the current spawns of the blacksmith crap to be unuseable for 500 pls
{21:07:50} Mastermatthew says: There is actually no point in being farmer anymore
{21:07:50} Muff2 says: you get a selling bonus for crops
{21:07:50} Kristoph says: that was kind of the point of doing that =/
{21:08:16} Mastermatthew says: Thats not even right
{21:08:16} Higoten says: kris is correct, to defer people from chooseing a raltively useless job
{21:08:41} Higoten says: kris, would you like to elabrate on your issue?
BoyGeorge has logged in.
{21:09:07} Kristoph says: The idea is to make the current spawns of the nuts and bolts and sheet metal to be unuseable to keep people from getting stuck even with your placement of new stuff down.
{21:09:32} Higoten says: does any one have any additional comments to add to this issue before we begin voteing?
{21:10:24} Edward says: i brought a george
{21:10:24} Alexis Raine says: um depends
{21:10:24} Alexis Raine says: how far away are u making the new spawn
{21:10:49} Alexis Raine says: cause blacksmiths might not like relocation
{21:10:49} Kristoph says: Probably at the end of one of the rows
{21:10:49} Mastermatthew says: Giving the blaster hoe away to everyone is like saying you can buy the RoMB or an access card for the brewers special area or allowing everyone to buy the merchants card >.<
{21:10:49} Higoten says: Somewhere conventie within the forge were they are less likely to get stuck
{21:10:49} Kristoph says: Like just ont he end of the shelf
{21:10:49} Alexis Raine says: as long as its still in forge
{21:11:15} Alexis Raine says: i'm fine with it
{21:11:15} Higoten says: Then, if no additional comments, 1 for yes, make the spawns unbuyable, or 2, leave the spawns in the way they are
{21:11:15} Kristoph says: 1
{21:11:40} Mastermatthew says: 2
{21:11:40} Mastermatthew says: Just to spite kris
{21:11:40} Kristoph says: rofl
{21:12:06} Alexis Raine says: 1
{21:12:06} Mastermatthew says: >.<
{21:12:32} Zeriz says: 1
{21:12:32} Mastermatthew says: muff be my hero
{21:12:32} Higoten says: any more votes before we conclude this voteing session?
{21:12:32} Kristoph says: George, we're moving the item spawns for the blacksmith around a bit to keep them from getting trapped. This vote is about making the current ones cost too much to use, YAY OR NAY
{21:12:57} Higoten says: acutally, i had plans just to restrict them
{21:12:57} BoyGeorge says: Yea.
{21:12:57} Muff2 says: 1
{21:12:57} Kristoph says: lol'd
{21:12:57} Kristoph says: whichever i dont care xD
{21:13:23} Mastermatthew says: Fuck you muff
{21:13:23} Higoten says: then with 5 vs 1, the spawn will be restricted
{21:13:23} Muff2 says: im playing wow and this at the same time
{21:13:23} Muff2 says: so i dont have any idea whats going on
{21:13:48} Kristoph says: While you're at it could you make booster berries restricted instead of expensive too?
{21:13:48} Higoten says: Any addional issues to be brought to the baord attention?
{21:13:48} Kristoph says: i am going to end up buying one one of these days on accident and i will become quite upset
{21:14:14} Mastermatthew says: Can we make the rod of master baiter buyable?
{21:14:14} Higoten says: Would anyone have any addional comments for kris issue?
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{21:14:40} BoyGeorge says: I don't care if it costs too much or is restricted, as long as no one lags the server I'm happy.
{21:14:40} Higoten says: Then if not, lets vote, 1 for restriction of the BB, or 2 to keep it the way that is currently is
{21:15:05} Kristoph says: 1
{21:15:05} BoyGeorge says: 1
{21:15:05} Mastermatthew says: 3, let it be buyable again
{21:15:05} Mastermatthew says: >:D
{21:15:31} BoyGeorge says: That's a simply horrible idea.
{21:15:31} Zeriz says: 1
{21:15:31} Higoten says: it is currently buyable, and 3 is nto a vaild choice, your vote has been defered matt
{21:15:31} Alexis Raine says: 1
{21:15:56} Mastermatthew says: Wel you should have voted to take the blaster hoe away so only farmers can have it >:(
{21:15:56} Kristoph says: Also one of those things I'd PUT MY FOOT DOWN on, no breaking my server with booster berries, kk?
{21:15:56} Mastermatthew says: 2
{21:16:22} Higoten says: then by 4 vs the other possible 1 and the 1 defered vote, booster berrys will be resticted
{21:16:22} Higoten says: matt, would you like to present your issue to the board now?
{21:16:48} Mastermatthew says: I want the RoMB buyable to all
{21:17:13} BoyGeorge says: I don't agree to that.
{21:17:13} Alexis Raine says: is that even possible?
{21:17:13} Mastermatthew says: Well if we can sell the farmers hoe then hell yeah
{21:17:13} Kristoph says: I kind of feel like this is a bad idea unless you're doing it at a server wipe
{21:17:13} BoyGeorge says: What next, we allow everyone to go into the merchant's guild?
{21:17:13} Zeriz says: agree with george
{21:17:39} Higoten says: the ROMB was orginally not made avivaluable to everyone becouse it allowed you to catch the ocean diamond
{21:17:39} Higoten says: any addional comments beore we begin voteing?
{21:17:39} Alexis Raine says: oh
{21:17:39} Higoten says: that is what we are here to decised, george
{21:18:04} Kristoph says: you do this and you're dicking over fishers that never saw this coming, lol
{21:18:30} BoyGeorge says: It's taking away the unique part of being the master baiter. It's takes away form the need to have a community on HM TR.
{21:18:56} Kristoph says: I AM THE MASTER BAITER
{21:18:56} Muff2 says: no me
{21:18:56} Higoten says: then if no addional comments, 1 for the addion of ROMB to be buyable, or 2, remain it as avaivalable to fishers only
{21:18:56} Edward says: no i am the master baiter
{21:18:56} BoyGeorge says: 2
{21:18:56} Mastermatthew says: Well taking away the blaster hoe takes away the need of a farmer
{21:18:56} Kristoph says: 2
{21:18:56} Zeriz says: 2
{21:19:21} Muff2 says: 2
{21:19:21} Mastermatthew says: 1
{21:19:21} BoyGeorge says: Not so, farmers are good for themselves because they make more money, Matt.
{21:19:47} Higoten says: by majority rules, 4 vs 1 = the potention of the other addional vote, ROMB packages will not be added
{21:20:12} Mastermatthew says: Ya but with the blaster hoe I could make people pay me to hoe there field
{21:20:12} BoyGeorge says: So?
{21:20:12} Kristoph says: For the next issue I suggest we all give Matt a hug.
{21:20:12} BoyGeorge says: you could do that with any other tool.
{21:20:38} BoyGeorge says: I agree, let's give Matt a hug.
{21:20:38} Zeriz says: LOL
{21:20:38} Mastermatthew says: Ya but the blaster hoe is the best
{21:20:38} Higoten says: that is more of a personal issue kris, then that of a legal matter
{21:20:38} Kristoph says: MY SERVER, I SAY WE GIVE MATT A HUG >=(
{21:21:04} Mastermatthew says: SHUTUP KRIS
{21:21:04} Kristoph says: ok =(
Dr Greg House has logged in.
{21:21:04} Zeriz says: i agree we,let's give matt a hug
{21:21:04} Higoten says: due to the premission gaven by wildblood to the host, it is ttechincal that he request is enforced
{21:21:29} Higoten says: *hugs Mastermatthew*
{21:21:29} BoyGeorge says: LOL
{21:21:29} Zeriz says: lol
{21:21:29} BoyGeorge says: *hugs Mastermatthew*
{21:21:29} Mastermatthew says: *Cuts Higos arms off and force feeds them to him
{21:21:55} Higoten says: now, continueing onwards, any other addional issues to present to the board?
{21:22:20} Mastermatthew says: *Devours Georges fucking undeserved soul*
{21:22:20} BoyGeorge says: Lol.
{21:22:20} Zeriz says: LolS
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{21:22:46} Mastermatthew says: Can we make a buyable ID card for the brewers guild
{21:23:12} BoyGeorge says: Once again, ridiculous.
{21:23:12} Higoten says: there is no ID card for the vineyard, it is a coded in access that is created when you job = brewer or job = cheff
{21:23:37} Kristoph says: also wouldnt help anyway due to being unable to pick stuff
{21:23:37} Mastermatthew says: Allow everyone to buy the merchants ID
{21:24:03} Higoten says: Sience at this point i belive that disscusioon is unnessary, does anyone agree with matts issue?
{21:24:28} Mastermatthew says: Ya kris but there is a rock that uselessy spawns in the brewers guild
{21:24:28} BoyGeorge says: I don't agree.
{21:24:28} Zeriz says: i dun agree
{21:24:54} Kristoph says: i dont agree
{21:24:54} Higoten says: there is a rock in the sea that spawns indefinetnly, but youll never be able to buy it without admistravive powers
{21:24:54} Mastermatthew says: Kris and boy are dead so they don't count
{21:25:20} BoyGeorge says: Matt, don't be cute.
{21:25:20} Higoten says: then by majority rules, matts issue has been defreed
{21:25:20} Alexis Raine says: o.o
{21:25:45} Alexis Raine says: merchants guild
{21:25:45} Mastermatthew says: I vote we destroy Higo *Picks up a pitchfork and a torch*
{21:25:45} Zeriz says: merchant are usully first
{21:25:45} BoyGeorge says: but I lurv Higo. I vote against.
{21:25:45} Higoten says: any other addional issues before we conclude this weeks board meeting?
{21:25:45} Mastermatthew says: DOWN WITH TEH ROBOT!!!!!
{21:26:11} Mastermatthew says: George your dead you can't vote
{21:26:11} Alexis Raine says: no hurting higoten lol
{21:26:11} Kristoph says: I suggest we change Gotens name to higgy to annoy him
{21:26:11} BoyGeorge says: ยป
{21:26:11} Kristoph says: WHO IS WITH ME!?
{21:26:11} BoyGeorge says: Lol.
{21:26:11} Zeriz says: i Disagree
{21:26:36} BoyGeorge says: I'm with Kris.
{21:26:36} Alexis Raine says: i also diagree
{21:26:36} Mastermatthew says: I vote we change higgies name to badassrobot
{21:26:36} Higoten says: are there any addional comments abotu kris issue before we begin voteing?
{21:27:02} BoyGeorge says: Now that's just cool.
{21:27:02} Zeriz says: i vote we change matt name to MATTIE
{21:27:02} Higoten says: I personally enjoy haveing my name as Higoten, reather then Higgy
{21:27:02} Alexis Raine says: lol zeriz :]
{21:27:02} Mastermatthew says: I vote we kill Zeriz
{21:27:28} BoyGeorge says: I vote that Matt stops being violent and scary o.o
{21:27:28} Mastermatthew says: I vote we change Zeriz to " "
{21:27:28} Zeriz says: i vote that matt should not be master and his new name is matti
{21:27:28} Alexis Raine says: lol
{21:27:53} BoyGeorge says: Can you take it?!
{21:28:19} Higoten says: Then if no addional comments to the current issue, 1 to change higotens name to Higgy, 2 to remain it the same. If you wish, you may whisper you vote to me for it to remain private
{21:28:19} Mastermatthew says: I vote Alexis be forced for loling to make out with zeriz and be locked in a broomcloset together for all eternity!!!!
{21:28:19} Kristoph says: Goten is pretty much going to login one day named Higgy and in hmtrs home folder there will be a "heresursavback.sav" for him to fix it.
{21:28:19} Dr Greg House says: 1
{21:28:19} Kristoph says: 1
{21:28:19} Mastermatthew says: 1
{21:28:44} Alexis Raine says: O_O
{21:28:44} Alexis Raine says: 2
{21:28:44} Zeriz says: 2
{21:29:10} Kristoph says: Muff would totally vote 1 <_<
{21:29:10} Alexis Raine says: muff said 2
{21:29:10} Mastermatthew says: IPts true
{21:29:36} Higoten says: Then if no addional votes, by majority rules, 3 vs 2, higotens name will be changed to Higgy
{21:29:36} Alexis Raine says: cause of his name
{21:29:36} Kristoph says: har har
{21:29:36} BoyGeorge says: 1
{21:29:36} Mastermatthew says: I HAVE AN ISSUE
{21:29:36} Alexis Raine says: noooo :/
{21:30:01} Higoten says: You may now present it now
{21:30:01} Mastermatthew says: I vote Alexis be forced for loling to make out with zeriz and be locked in a broomcloset together for all eternity!!!! you have three votes you can choose 1, yes 2, everything except the eternity in broomcloset thing, 3, no
{21:30:27} Zeriz says: wdf
0 gold Earned!
{21:30:27} Zeriz says: i a new issue
{21:30:27} Higoten says: This issue is more a personal matter, then that of a legal matter, and wil lbe defred
{21:30:27} Edward says: It wasn't me, I swear.
Mastermatthew has logged out.
{21:30:52} Higoten says: you may present your issue now zeriz
Mastermatthew has logged in.
{21:30:52} Dr Greg House says: I vote that we agree that Matt's mom probably huffed while pregnant.
{21:31:18} Kristoph says: agreed
{21:31:18} Zeriz says: make the wagon moverble in whens its created in the blacksmith forge
{21:31:44} Kristoph says: good idea but I dont think it can be done =/
{21:31:44} Dr Greg House says: I'm not sure Higoten can change that
{21:31:44} Muff2 says: 1
{21:31:44} Mastermatthew says: When do we vote
{21:31:44} Higoten says: This is of a in game bug, and thus can not be fixed via our limited ability, and thus your issue has been defred
{21:31:44} Mastermatthew says: 1
{21:31:44} BoyGeorge says: I don't think he can do that.
{21:32:09} Kristoph says: gj @ late, Muff
{21:32:09} Mastermatthew says: Higgy shuddap
{21:32:09} Kristoph says: Also we made Goten change his name to Higgy, it amuses.
{21:32:09} Alexis Raine says: were not even votin o.o;
{21:32:35} Higoten says: Any other addional issues to present to the board before we conclude this meeting?
{21:32:35} Kristoph says: i told muff to 1 @ changing gotens name and he was rly late
{21:32:35} Zeriz says: i vote we change higgy names into higoten
{21:32:35} Mastermatthew says: Higgy I know for a fact nI could force it >:D
{21:33:00} Alexis Raine says: oh
{21:33:00} BoyGeorge says: I'm still gonna call him Higo, lol.
{21:33:26} Higoten says: This issue has already been voted appon this week zeriz, but you may present it at furture board meetings
{21:33:26} Alexis Raine says: i vote names should not be changed :/
{21:33:26} Higoten says: and same with alexis
{21:33:52} Zeriz says: agree with alexis
{21:33:52} Kristoph says: I'd vote to change Alexis' name but she already sounds like a stripper.
{21:33:52} Alexis Raine says: i'll kill you kris D:
{21:34:17} Dr Greg House says: Her name could be Candy Raine, that's a little more stripper.
{21:34:17} Higoten says: any addional issues to present to the baord?
{21:34:17} Mastermatthew says: All we have to do is place fences by the entrance temporarily take away Alexises powers and summon everyone else outside except for Alexis and Zeriz then force them to make out
{21:34:43} Kristoph says: Just barely =/
{21:34:43} Alexis Raine says: >_>
{21:34:43} Mastermatthew says: Wait Kris we can
{21:34:43} Dr Greg House says: Matt, please stop being creepy.
{21:34:43} Zeriz says: if u do that i also have a way out
{21:35:08} Higoten says: Matt, you issue has been defreed for a PG assumed rated game
{21:35:08} BoyGeorge says: Matt, you're really weird.
{21:35:34} Muff2 says: hoe does one make out over the internet
{21:35:34} Mastermatthew says: I vote we remove the PG rating
{21:35:34} BoyGeorge says: In little stars.
{21:35:34} Higoten says: any other issues to present to the board?
{21:35:34} BoyGeorge says: *like this*
{21:36:00} Zeriz says: Reject from moving the PG rating
{21:36:25} Alexis Raine says: o.o
{21:36:51} Kristoph says: *makes out with VAGINAS ON MOTORCYCLES*
{21:36:51} Mastermatthew says: For once I agree with Kris
{21:36:51} Dr Greg House says: *changes name to VAGINAS ON MOTORCYCLES*
{21:36:51} Higoten says: Then, If no furture issues to be presented, Then this concludes our weekly board meeting and the next one has been planed for next week, at the bar, at 20:00:00 (time stamp time) Tuesdays

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