Buying Seeds

So, Now that we know how some of the game basics work, we can begin acutally playing the game. First lets learn how to farm. The first thing we need to do to start farming is to get seeds.

1) Do you remember how you got to sister Giai (The lady who gave you 1000 gold)? Well, to get to the seed shop we have to follow that same path till we get here.


2) Now if you head to your left, you will be at the seed shop enterence


3) This is the seed shop enterence. Please note you can not enter the seed shop if it is nighttime


4) This is what the inside of the seed shop looks like, You may notice the TV and calender here. Along with all the seeds and other things you can buy

5) Now this is VERY IMPORTANT. Check the calender. The season determines what sort of crops will grow.

If it is the 1-5th day of Spring. Plant Melons

If it is the 5th to 11th day of Spring. Plant Strawberrys

If it is the 12th (of spring) to 5th of summer, Plant tomatos

If it is the 5th (of summer) to 8th of Fall, Plant Strawberrys

If it is the 9th (of Fall) to 12th of Winter, Do not plant anything, At during this time frame nothing will grow enoght for you to harvest it. Please continue to read this guide untill you get to the mining section

Now you may be wondeing which of these many bags of seeds contain the seeds you want. This is where you should press E while faceing the bags, a message will come up telling you what seed type it is.

6) Buy the seeds you need by pressing Z

Congruations you now have some seeds! In the next section we will learn how to plant them

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