HMChicken-2.jpg Chickens are the cheapest and easiest to maintain of any of the 4 "cash" animals, It only requires food if you want it to create eggs. They never get sick, and they require no brushing. They also have the shortest growth period of any of the other 4. The chicken coop is 2 on the HM: TR Map (See HM TR Map)

To hatch a chicken, you must first obtain an egg, you may do this by getting one from one of your other chickens, or buying one from the Egg Shop to the left of the chicken coop(See Shops and Goods). An egg from the Chicken Shop costs 200 gold. Then The egg must be placed into a incubator.

Please note you can place more then one egg on an incubator at one time. The egg takes 3 days to hatch into a chick.

HMChick-1.jpg Chicks takes 3 days to grow into a Chicken. From there if you feed it for 3 days in a row it will lay an egg. and everyday after that you feed it fodder, it will lay an egg. If you miss a feeding, you will have to feed it for 3 days before it will lay another egg. You may have up to 15 chickens at once. The Chickens appear in the outside area of the chicken coop on re-log

To sell a chicken, you must first feed it, then carry it to Mary inside of the chicken shop and she will buy it for 500 gold.

If you wish to get chicken feathers from your chicken, leave it outside at night and if a wolf sees it, it may try to eat it and when it does, there will be chicken feathers left on the ground.

Please note that when a wolf eats a chicken. The chicken feathers do not have an owner. So be sure to pick the feathers up before someone else does.

The Golden Chicken Statue use is unknown. I have no idea what it is for. If you find out, please email me (See contact information)

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