Chickens An Egg Away

Now that we know how to do some basic farming, lets try something alittle different, raiseing animals.


1) Go back to start, do not log out.


2) Walk to your left, and follow the path that is going up


3) Now while your following this path, you will see this building, keep it in mind. we will use this building in a few minites.


4) now if you continue on to your left, you will see the chicken shop. Here is where you will buy eggs from to hatch into chickens. This shop is closed at night


5) Now buy an egg using z, do not press c, or you will eat it, you can also not set it on the ground or it will break!


6) Now head to the right of the chicken shop to the building we stoped at earier,


7) once inside, you can set your egg down on the inclubaters by press z

Now you have to wait three days for your egg to grow into a chick.

In the mean time, lets cover some more ground!


Dont forget to pick and water your crops!!!

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