HMCow-1.jpgCows are probably the most complex to deal with of any of the animals. First, because they are affected by every factor including sickness HMCowSick-1.jpg. They also cost the most, 5000 gold. You can buy a cow the same way as the other "cash" animals. Cows need to be brushed several times a day. When you use the Milker on the cow, you will either get a Small Milk, or a Large Milk, depending on if your cows happyness is 100% or not. It takes 11 days for your calfHMCalf-1.jpg to grow into a cow. Milk can be sold, or used in various recipes( See Recipes. The cow appears in the fenced area around the animal shop on re-log.

Chocolate Cows

HMChocolatecow-1.jpgChocolate cows - If you buy a coco bean from the merchant’s guild (See jobs) for 50k and feed it to a cow, it will make it a chocolate cow. The advantage of having a chocolate cow is that it gives Chocolate Milk which is sold for more then normal milk and is used in various recipes (See Recipes). And, chocolate cows always give large chocolate milk. So you never have to brush a chocolate cow. But you still must feed it or it will get sick HMChocolatecowsick-1.jpg.

To sell a cow, you must take it to where it appeared (See Shops and Goods) then you talk to Bob and he asks if you want to sell it.

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