Earning Your First Gold

Show Me The Money!

You like money right? I figured as much. Money is a key object in HM: TR. its often referred to as gold, k, or cash. Money is how you buy things around the land and you'll need it to be successful and to become better. So, to help get you started, there is a few sources of income that you can grab up and it will be very helpful for starting out.

Getting 1000 free gold!


1)This is the starting point.
When you first log in, you are given 500 Gold to start out, But, we can get that all the way up to 2000 Gold, just by following these few simple steps!


2) Move to Your left.


3) Move down.


4) Move to your left.


5) Continue to move to your left


6) Move up.


7) Move to you left.


8) Go Into the Building Directly above you. Here you can talk to Sister Gaia using C, She will give you 1000 Gold for Free!, The reason she does is because you only have 500 gold, If you talk to her twice, she will ask for a donation, Please do not donate to her.

Want 500 more gold?

Well, First you need to follow the path you took to get here back to the start.

Once you get back to start, You can easily earn another 500 gold!


9) Now walk to your right


10) Now Go into the building directly above you. Here you will find an old man named Jack. Talk to him using C and he will give you 500 gold for free. Now you have 2000 Gold. This will be more then enough to get you started.

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