HM: TR Map

IV. HM: TR Map

-See the world map

-Identify places on the map


Purple : These are the 3 farming area; these are the only places in the game where you can farm. Unlike other farming games, everyone shares the same land, please note that your crops are you own, and no one can tamper with them, with the exception of watering them. This also applies as a general rule to everything you do in this game, with a few exceptions.

Jack's house: This is where jacks house is (See jack's for more information)

Tool Shed: This is where the tool shed is (See tool shed for more information)

School : This is where you go to school (See schooling for more information)

Inn: This is where you sleep at, The inn is one of the most important buildings as it is how you restore your stamina, and check your stats via diary, such as is the one in jack's house ( see Shops and goods for more information)

Mine : This is where the mine is. Please note that mine is only accessible in the winter, and is located behind the water fall behind the fisherman house. Please be sure that you are out by spring 1st so that you don't get trapped inside and need to wait till next winter or re-log to get out.

Sorry, ran out of colors, so I’m going to use numbers.

1: This is the Seed Shop , this is a crucial place to go if you wish to plant crops (See shops and items and farming for more information)

2: this is the Egg Shop/Chicken Coop . (See shops and items for egg shop information and see animals for chicken coop information)

3: This is the Animal Tool Shop and the [u]charity[/u] ( see special tooling for more information for the animal tools, also see animals and shops and items. see shops and items for more information about the charity.

4: This is the Dog Pound, here you can adopt a dog for free, (See animals for more information about dogs.)

5: this is the Furniture Shop Here you can buy some important job items, and furniture if you are rich enough to buy a house. (See jobs, shops and items, and houses for more information)

6: This is the Horse Stable, here you can buy a horse (See shops and items for more information, also see animals)

7: This is the Wood Shop, (See shops and items for more information)

8: This is the Animal Shop, where you can purchase animals (See shops and goods and animals for more information)

9: This is the Blue Tool Shed (See special tooling for more information)

10: This is the Golden Tool Shed, it is also the entrance to the underground part of HM: TR, the underground contains 3 important places, a mushroom, the gem mine, and the merchants guild (See jobs for more information)


11: this is the Bait Shop, it only contains one bait (See shops and goods for more information)

12: This is the Bazaar, Here is where players can come and drop items onto a bench and have the item not break. This place is rarely used, because of its inconvenient location

13: This is the Harvest Fairy Statue. Please note there are two of these locations (See harvest statue for more information)

14: The Great Forge: This is where blacksmiths do there jobs (See jobs for more information)

15: The Vineyard: This is a place only brewers and chefs can go and pick berries (See jobs for more information)

16: The Casino Beach House This is no longer a casino, although the NPC still says that it is, its not. But this is where you get the Triniberry (See shops and goods and see animals for more information)

17 the Trinibo Farm, Here you can take your Triniberry and feed it to a Trinibo (See animals for more information)

18: the Fisherman’s House, Here you can get a fishing rod and the rod of master baiter (See jobs for more information)

19: the Peddler's House. on every 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th of each season, he comes and brings one random item, a golden chicken statue, singing branch, trinity toy bag, power source, shipping crate, and very rarely, the lucky medal.

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