Hello, host.

Hello, and welcome to the most unrefined, debatable, and unexplored section of the site, and along with it, the most unrefined, debatable, unexplored sections of HM: TR.

Assuming you read the disclaimer, I hope your ready for the responsibility of maintaining a acceptable server. I should also mention at this point that I know that the information presented here is highly abusable, and it is only in my greatest desire that this information will be used for enhancement of the game, instead of more so than not, "cheating".

Please only read the sections that apply to you as the host, for example, if your a host with little to know experience playing HMTR, you should only read the basic host information. This will assist you in getting your server off the ground. You should not, however, read the advanced section, for this will contain many spoilers that may ruin your experience, and as the host, you are the single greatest bond in your community, for if you leave, your community will fall apart. Host responsibly.

Basic hosting information

Regular hosting information

Advanced hosting information

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