Important Hosting Information


- Read this if you wish to host


Beyond this point, there is information presented that can be used by a host of a harvest moon: Trinity ranch server to work around some of the bugs that are consistently present in HM:TR. If you have problems with the hosting the game (Outside of port-forwarding issues) they may be displayed here. In addition to extremely basic information on how the get the game to run.

Beyond this point also assumes that you have a fundamental knowledge of how the BYOND system works. This selection of the site may also include many spoilers and "cheats".

I also disclaim at this point that any information presented past this point is subject to change, many times, although the code HM: TR runs on never changes, the BYOND engine's code will change, which may or may not effect how HM: TR runs, and all these bugs should be reported to the BYOND staff. More advanced hosting information is subject to debate, both technical and moral.

To summarize, beyond this point your experience of HM: TR may be drastically changed by reading into the technical information that is presented.

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