Jack's House

II.Jack's House

-Map of jacks house

-Learn about the various points of information in jack’s house

-Learn about the dairy

If you move to you right a few spaces, the first building that you come across is jacks house, here is a very important place where you can find much of the information that you will need while playing the game


red : You!

Dark Blue : This is Jack, He was the previous owner of the farm, but now is retiring, and needs someone to take over. Although if you talk to him, he tells you several things and besides giving you 500 gold, the rest is irrelevant.

orange : This is the television, It tells you the weather, and runs adds for Mcduffles, it also mentions the shopping channel coming on the 5th, but this was never implemented and can be disregarded.

Light Blue : This is the calendar, it tells you “Calendar: It is day [number 1-12] of [Season]." please note that there are 12 days in every season and 4 seasons in a year That's 96 minutes for a season (over 1 1/2 hours) or 384 minutes for a year or a little under 6 1/2 hours

Green : This is the clock, this shows what time of day it is, similar to a normal clock. When the clock's hand make one revolution, that's half a day (or 4 minutes) this is also when it changes day/night

Purple: the red bins, these are lumber bins, you get lumber by chopping tree stumps with your axe. When you pull out lumber from the bins it appears as a fence, fences can be used in crafting, and making fences around things, more will be explained on fences later into this guide

White: this is the Heart Berry, This item can be bought for 1 gold and when eaten restores 1 stamina. To the best of my knowledge, this is the best ratio for food/stamina restoration in the game. Contradictorily to popular beliefs, these do not raise sickness, they just don't cure it.

Yellow: This is where you get the blaster hoe. This tool is only gained access to by getting the farmer job (more about jobs later into the guide). This hoe makes a 3x3 square of plowed land in 1 use.

Black: This is the Diary, probably one of the most used items in jack’s house. The diary tells you the follow in this format

Diary sections

Occupation - [current occupation] - your job, this can be changed by having you education to 100%
Stamina - [current stamina] / [max stamina](sickness)- you stamina vs. your max stamina, the green number is your sickness, which will cause you to lose stamina faster, sickness is gained by trying to use a tool when you are out of stamina.
Animals Deaths - [number of animals that died] - how many animals of yours have died
Things Broken - [number of things you have broken] - how many things you have broken
Education - [education percent] - needed to change your job from ranch hand to something else (see school)
Days Old - [how many days old you are] - how many game days old you are
Total Gold - [total goal earned] - how much goal you have earned throughout your entire time playing. Giving gold to players does not make this rise, only selling items on the conveyer belt or the selling bins will earn you total gold. This is displayed in "K" 1k = 1000 gold. Please note that this number is how you obtain golden tools. See special tools
Bees - [how many bees you have] - how many bees you have in the hive
House - [what house number you have] what your house number is
Cows - [how many cows you have]/10 - how many cows you have out of 10
Sheep - [how many sheep you have] / 10 - how many sheep you have out of 10
Pigs - [how many pigs you have]/ 10 - how many pigs you have out of 10
Chickens - [how many chickens you have]/ 15 - how many chickens you have out of 15

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