Man's Best Friend - dogs

Now that yoru crops are picked and watered, lets work on getting you a dog. Dogs dont really have a purpose, and they are completely optional, but it gives some more interactivity to the game. but they never need fed or cared for


1) Walk back to the charity


2) Follow the path to the left of the charity. The building at the end of the path is the dog pound, its closed at night, but here is where you can get a free doggy.


3) Now walk into the pound and talk to lisa, she will give you a free bone

Lisa says:
Hello, Im Lisa, I run the pound here, I see you dont have a puppy of your own yet!. If you'd like one just give this treat to the one you like and it will love you forever.


4) Now youc an give a bone to a dog of your choise by press c, then you will be protepeted to name him. Then press z to pick him up

Dont forget to water your crops!

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