Master Text Book

Examining Master Text Book (Rare Item)
Cost - 0
Sale - 0
Info - Advanced textbook with homework assignments.. can get education to 100%

The is the last text book you need.

You cannot buy this text book, Instead you must talk to the professor and bring him a pearl, who is located above the second harvest goddess (The 13 to the right on the HM: TR Map (See HM TR Map)).

You may obtain a pearl by going to the beach. Here you may see 6 oyster shells, to get a pearl you must pick these up and break them on the ground by dropping them, and, at random, a pearl may appear.

AFTER YOU HAVE TALKED TO THE PROFESSOR AFTER REACHING 90% EDUCATION, you can give him a pearl and in return you will receive a brown text book.

This book with bring your education from 90% to 100% at the rate of 1% a day, which is the approximate amount of education gained from the brown text book in a single day of full studying, will take you 10 days, or 80 minutes, or 1 and 1/3 of an hour.

Please note: after you finished the text book a green message will appear saying that you are finished with school!

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