Rules and Punishments

The follow are suggested punishments for the breaking of a rule, being that the punishments are at the discretion of the Administrative power(s) at hand, the severity of each rule infringement may vary.

1)All rules and guidelines are simply guidelines, the punishments for the breaking of any of the rules is at discretion of the active administrators at hand, any higher or more server crimes may be handled by higher superiors Being booted from the game.

2) World conversations should maintain a PG or G rating, and kept at a high level of intelligence, with a, at most, minuscule amount of swearing. Any other conversations should be kept in whisper. World moderation, Boot, Temporary Ban

3) Spamming of world chat in any form is not permitted. Boot, Temporary Ban

4) Unwanted private chat spam is not permitted. Boot, Temporary Ban

5) Duplicating money or items in any way is not permitted. Boot, Save file edit, Temporary Ban, Permanent ban.

6) Gaining money by selling items that were illegally spawned or duplicated is not permitted. Save file edit, Permanent Ban.

7) Multikeying is not permitted Permanent Ban of multikeys

8) Your are only permitted to be in the mine during winter Boot

9) Entering any building or area that you are otherwise not intended to be able to enter is prohibited and should be reported to Higoten Boot

10) Squirrels are not permitted to be in the chicken coop or the beach. Removal of squirrels, boot

11)Stacking beds is not permitted. Deletion of stacked beds, boot, Temporary ban

12) purposely getting more then the preset amount of animals is prohibited. Boot, Deletion of extra animals, Save file edit, lower maximum animal amount.

13) Hindering what another player is trying to do, that isn't purposely hindering what another player is trying to do, is prohibited. Boot, Deletion of hindrances, Temporary ban.

14) Handing players unwanted objects while they are sleeping or doing work is prohibited. boot, temporary ban.

15)Blocking paths or areas in any way or form is prohibited. Deletion of items blocking, Swarming, boot, temporary ban.

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