Reading The Hud And Basic Game Systems

I.Reading the Hub, and Basic Game Systems.

- Identity the various game HUD

- learn the game's macros

- Learn the Saving System


After starting a new game, or just logging in, you should appear here. The colored boxes around the various parts of the picture indicate the following:

Red, :This is your icon, if your Byond account was created with you as a male, then this is your icon, if your Byond account was created as a female, then your icon is more feminine.

Blue:This is the Help Button, if you click it, it says the following:

Unofficial Website by Inutracy. Unofficial Tutorial by Alanna_Trebond.
Unofficial Tutorial by Contract Jack.
Controls are:
Z - Get, give and drop
X - Swap tool
C - Use, talk, read and eat
V - Call out
Space - Say
E - Examine Item

Most of the Links are broken.

Black: This is your gold. Gold is the currency in HM: TR. You can give money to other players by clicking the appropriate value, E.G. Clicking the 100th place, then the player you are facing will gain 100 gold, while you will lose 100 gold

Light Blue : This is your active tool. You can carry up to 3 tools at once, you can also cycle through them with X. You can use them with C

Purple : These are the rest of the HUD commands. To use them, just hover over the tab. they are:
-Mute: Broken
-Who: allows you to see who's online
-Observe: Allows you to watch another online player
-Map: A map of the area in HM: TR; will be explained in more detail later in the guide

If you clicked the ? On your HUD, then you will have seen the list of macros:

Z : Get an Item, Give an Item, or Drop an Item; if you prefer, the command is "get"

X : Cycles Through your 3 tools, the one that is showing in your active tool: If you prefer, the command is "swap"

C : Use a tool, Talk to an NPC, Read a Book, eat foods, and the proper mount/dismount Key. This is your most commonly used macro; if you prefer the command is "Use"

V : "Shout out" This macro makes the items that are on the ground move that are yours; it also makes your animals that are in your viewing area turn around in circles and move. If you prefer, the command is "Call"

E : This allows you to examine an item, if you prefer, the command is "examine"

W: This will place the whisper command on the command line of dream seeker, once done, you can type your message and hit enter to displace it to the player you are facing.

/: This macro will make you stand in one spot and you will be able to turn, but unable to move. If you prefer, type "stationary" into the command box

Space: This will place the say command on the command line of Dream seeker, once done, you can type your message and hit enter to display it to the world.

HM: TR's saving system requires you to be at least 5 game days old (about 40 minutes) before it will save. From that point forward it will save on log out every time.

Note: prior to byond version 475, you were required to type out the say and whisper macros, if you are having issues with these, make sure you have the latest byond version

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