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Alright, so, you've had time to develop a player base? great. You know yours and their intrests? great. Lets cut the chit chat and you can read about what your really interested it.

- Get a savefile editor at this point, everything that you can do can be accomplished in a save-file editor. You'll find your servers save-files in the harvestmoontrintyranch folder on your computer. But, you'll need a save-file editor. Best way to get one? Go to Google and search for "byond save file editor".

- Open your save in the save-file editor Take a gander at what the server pulls up everytime you log in. This is all of your information. Tread carefully, one little mistake could take and trash your whole save file. I recommend just looking at your save-file and try to make sense of it for now. Yes, there is your gold value, occupation, fodder, stamina, etc in here. You can change these at will using this save file editor.

- Give yourself admin Using your save-file editor, add Admin = 1 above your name on the same indent. Here is a sample of a save-file

- Do some exploration Save-file editing is a huge benefit, and it shouldn't be abused. But, maybe make a test dummy for yourself, see what you can do. this is a majorly unexplored part of HM: TR, you might even be able to figure out how to do something that no one else has! Also, get some experience working with save files, because in the next section, we'll be exploring, not how to benefit yourself directly, but benefit the entire world (HM:TR, that is).

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