XI. Schooling

-To learn how to learn

-Identity the advantages and time frames of schooling

-Learn how to obtain the last book and an occupation

One of the factors that really intertwine the community is jobs and occupations, and school is how to get a job. The basics of school are that you get your education to 100% and then you can choose a job.


Important Items Needed for Schooling:

HMredbook.pngBasic Text Book
HMbluebook.pngAdvance Text Book
HMbrownbook.pngMaster Text Book

This is the inside of the school. Here is where you will spend almost a game year doing what appears to be nothing. The school can be located as yellow on the HM: TR Map (See HM TR Map) the school is only open in the day, and even if you do manage to enter the school at night, education will not be gained.

If you look to the left you will see professor Tiki, he is the "teacher" who doesn't do much but give you the option of what job you want when your education reaches 100%.

To the Right you will see two books. To use these books you will first have to buy them, and then you will hold the book in your hands and just stand at the desk, there is no animation or anything that indicates that you are studying. You must use the books in this order, Red, Blue, and Brown. You can check your education present by going to a diary.

Now that you have finally completed school, 47.5 game days total, or almost a game year, which is 48 days, this also means you have spent 380 minutes in school, or 6 and 1/3 hours. Yes, it was a very long and generally boring process, but now you can talk to professor Tiki and he will give you a choice of what occupation you wish to have. (See Jobs)
Please Note: you can only choose one job, and once you pick a job, you can never change it.

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