Shops And Goods

V. Shops and Goods

- To identity the various game shops.

- To identity the items sold in the various game shops.

- To identity what else existences in the various shops.

The Inn


Purchasable Items:

HMblueberry.pngBooster Berry
HMmerchentspass.pngMerchant ID Pass Card
HMpie.pngStrawberry Pie
HMpie.pngApple Pie

This is the Inn, this can be found as the green box on the HM: TR map (see HM TR map) Here you can restore your stamina

Black: This is the Inn Keeper, He is the owner of the inn and if you talk to him he will give you the phone number to Mcduffles.

White : This is ol'Pete; the only thing he is really good for is that he will give you 35 lumber and 20 fodders

Green : The Diary. (See Jack's House)

Yellow : This is the telephone, you can use this to call Mcduffles and get fast food delivered to your location after a short period of time after calling, and Mcduffles is closed at night.

Red : This is the all important bed, this is how you regain stamina, note that these and player owned beds (see Jobs) are the only beds that can be used. All the other beds are for decoration only. There are six beds in the Inn. If you notice the darker red, this is the space where you must stand completely still to sleep

The Seed Shop


Purchasable Items:
HMnoweed.pngBag of No weed
HMgoodsbasket.pngGoods Basket
HMwatermellonseeds.pngWatermelon Seeds
HMonionsees.png Onion Seeds
HMpotatoseeds.pngPotato Seeds
HMturnipseeds.pngTurnip Seeds
HMsweetpotaoseeds.pngSweet Potato Seeds
HMtomatoseeds.pngTomato Seeds
HMcornseeds.pngCorn Seeds
HMcarrotseeds.pngCarrot Seeds
HMstraweberryseeds.pngStrawberry Seeds
HMGreenseeds.pngGrass Seeds
This is the Seed Shop; Here is where you can buy your seeds for growing crops. The seed shop appears as 1 on the HM: TR map (See HM TR Map)

Red : These are the storage boxes. (See Tool Shed)

Blue : This is the TV. (See Jack's House)

White : This is the calendar. (See Jack's House)

The Chicken Shop


Purchasable Items:
HMseasonings.pngJar of Seasonings
HMspices.pngJar of Spices

This is the Egg shop and the chicken coop; here you can buy eggs, seasoning, and spices.

Black: This is Mary; her primary reason for existent is to buy fed chickens for 500 gold each. But she also tells you information about chickens.

White : This is the incubator, here you can place eggs and hatch them into chicks (See animals)

The Animal Tool Shop/ Charity


Purchasable Items:
HMBrush.pngGrooming Brush
HMmedicane.pngAnimal Medicine
HMsheerer.pngSheep Shears

This is the animal tool shop/ charity, this appears as 3 on the HM: TR map (See [[HM TR map]])

|Black: This is sister Gaia, she is the charity lady, if you have 100 gold or less, then she will give you 1000 gold, up to 5 times. But if you have more then 100 gold, then she asks if you can give a donation, there is no benefit to donating to the charity
White : This is the recipe book; it contains many job related recipes (See Jobs for more information)

The Furniture Store


Purchasable Items:
HMcarpbench.pngCarpentry Work Bench
HMpanio.pngGrand Piano
HMsewingwheel.pngFancy Spindle
HMbench.pngCraft Table
HMseat1.pngWooden Seat
HMseat2.pngWooden Stool
HMtable4.pngOld wood table

HMtable5.pngOak wood tableHMtable6.pngRound TableHMtable2.pngFancy TableHMtable2.pngTelevisionHMmusicplayer.pngRecord PlayerHMchair2.pngFancy ChairHMcannon.pngFancy Cannon Center- PieceHMtable3.pngSide TableHMstand1.pngExpensive TableHMtable1.pngVery Plain TableHMplant1.pngPlantHMchair1.pngChairHMBluePrint.pngClassic Bed BlueprintHMBluePrint.pngDeluxe Bed BlueprintsHMBluePrint.pngSign Blue prints

This is the Furniture Shop, here you can buy a few job related items, and furniture for your house. This appears as [color=#000]5[/color] on the HM TR Map (See HM TR Map)

Black: This is Leapol, He basically tells you this is the Furniture Shop and you won't need anything here unless you have a job or a house.

The Horse Stables


Purchasable Items:
HMHorseSaddle.pngHorse Saddle
HMblueberry-1.pngBooster Berry
HMBluePrint.pngWagon Blue Prints

This is the Horse Stables, There is one NPC Here, Maria, But she does not say anything.

Black: This is an unsaddled horse; you can use a horse saddle on the horse to make it your horse (See Animals)

The Wood Shop


Purchasable Items:
HMboxs.png Nails
HMboxs.png Sandpaper
HMpaper.pngStorage Expansion Purchase
HMWood.pngStack Of Lumber

This is the Wood Shop; here there are a few useful job items, along with storage upgrades.

Red: This is May, She hints a the recipe for the axe of the forester, The two items she leaves out of the recipe are Honey Glue, and a Magic Forest Diamond

Blue : A useless robot made by May

White : recipe book, A book of recipes (See Jobs)

The Animal Shop


Purchasable Items:
HMdeed.pngBill of Cow Purchase
HMdeed.pngBill of Pig Purchase
HMdeed.pngBill of Sheep Purchase
HMfooders.pngStack of Fodder

This is the Animal Shop. Here is where you get "farm animals" Pigs, Cow, And Sheep. This is number 8 on the HM: TR Map (See HM TR Map)

Black: This is Bob, He is the owner of the Animal Shop, to buy animals from him, and you must purchase the appropriate deed from the counter in front of him. Then you must give him the deed and the animal will appear in the white outlined space. To sell your animals, place them in the white outlined area, and talk to Bob and he will ask if you wish to sell them.

Red : This is the Bell. A tool that you gain access to when an animal is bought (See Tool Shed and Animals)

White : This is the area where animals are bought and sold.

The Golden Tool Shop/Machine Shop


Purchasable Items:
HMjuicer.pngUnpowered Juicer
HMsnowconemaker.pngSnow Cone Maker

Black: This is Ann, The owner of the Machine shop. The only important thing she tells you are that she wishes she had all the trinity toys, this was the way to obtain the Juicer, but this has long been bugged and there are a few ways to obtain the Juicer, These are explained in the IMPORTANT HOSTING INFORMATION section.

The Bait Shop


Purchasable Items:
HMwormbait.pngTassel Worm
This is the Bait Shop. It can be found at the beach and is number 11 on the HM: TR Map (See HM TR Map) this is a shop primary for Fishers (See Jobs), and it may be useless to even them.

Black: This is Kyle; He manages the Bait Shop and basically tells you that if you wish to use bait you have to have a tackle box (See Jobs).

The Great Forge/Blacksmith Shop


Purchasable Items:
HMSheetMedal.pngSheet Metal
HMChainLinks.pngMetal Links
HMboxs.pngNuts and Bolts
HMbottle.pngBottle of Rust Guard
HMbottle2.pngBottle Of Acid
HMBluePrint.pngTool Blue Prints
HMBluePrint.pngWheel Blue Prints

This is the Great Forge shop. Here is where Blacksmiths work to create their wares (See Jobs).

Black: This is the Diary, (See Jobs)

White This is the Great Forage switch; this is used by blacksmiths when they are ready for something to be made. (See Jobs)

The Casino Beach House


Purchasable Items:
This is the Beach House. This use to be a Casino and Marge still thinks it is.
Black: This is Marge, She use to be owner of the Casino. She also use to be the person who you gave your scratch cards to you to see if you won. But now she now longer serves a purpose.

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