Special Tooling

XIV. Special Tooling

- Observe the tools in the golden tool shed.

- Observe the tools in the "blue tool" shed.

- Identify how to obtain these tools and what the advantages are.

In Official HM games, there are always "upgrades" to your tool, and the same applies with HM: TR. Threw out this guide there has been notes of special tooling. Special tooling is really anything that can’t be bought, or tends to be difficult to obtain.


This is the golden tool shop. This can be located as #10 on the HM: TR Map( See HM TR Map. The way you gain access to these tools is by earning total K. I won't spoil what total k you get each tool at. But you can check your total K in a diary (See Jacks house)

red - The Golden Hammer: This is similar to the normal hammer. But it will destroy a 3x3 area in front of you of rocks or plowed land. You can also use this hammer to destroy rock piles in one hit.

Yellow - The Golden Hoe: This is similar to the normal hoe. But it will plow a straight line of 5 spaces in front of you. When you use this hoe, you cannot use it to mine, and when plowing land, there is a chance that a rock will appear.

green - The Golden Scythe: This is similar to the normal scythe, but it will cut down a 3x3 area around you of grass, weeds or crop rot.

Purple - The Golden Sprinkler: This is the last golden tool you can obtain. It is also the considered the most useful. This will water a 3x3 area of crops around you. This tool also never needs refilled.

Light Blue- The Golden Axe: This is similar to the normal axe. The main different is that you get 2 pieces of wood from a stump.

This is what is considered the "Blue tool" shed; to get access to any of the tools here you have to use tool packages that are made by a blacksmith or a carpenter.

Black - Shears Deluxe: They will allow you to get 1 extra piece of wool each time you clip your sheep

White -Rod Of Deep Blue: This is similar to the Rod of Master Baiter; This will allow you to catch fish in the ocean. The fish you can catch in the ocean are HMsharkfin.pngSharkfin, HmCatfishy.pngCatfish, HMBLUEFISHY-1.pngBlue Wide mouthand,Hmcrab.pngCrab

ee4a2d|red ## - Whirl Wind Scythe: Creates a tornado that goes 10 sapace in front of you. You need to be a farmer and have the tool package to use this tool.

Blue - Velvet Brush: This is similar to the normal brush, but it significantly increases an animal's happiness. It also takes a lot more stamina to use.

Yellow - Axe of the Forester: This axe is similar to the other axes, But you get 4 pieces of lumber from a stump. This axe is also "Thrown" so you have the potential to hit more then one stump at a time. You may notice that the recipe for this axe is not in the recipe book. This is because May gives you most of the recipe. The clues to what the two missing items are aren't very good so the two missing items are A magic forest diamond, and huney glue

HMblasterhoe.pngBlaster Hoe: This is similar to the other hoes, but you can only gain access to this hoe by choosing the farming job. This hoe makes a 3x3 space the expanses forward 5 spaces.

HMrodof3.pngRod Of Master Baiter: This is gained by choosing the fisher job; this allows you to fish in fresh water and salt water. Using this rod in fresh water you can catch gold fish, and in salt water you can catch rusty scythes and ocean diamonds.

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