Step By Step Guide To Harvest Moon Trinity Ranch

Let's Get Started!

Hi, new player! So it seems you have stumbled upon a game called Harvest Moon: Trinity Ranch. This is a quality game developed by Wildblood. Now, you may be wondering what your suppose to do, right? Well, HM: TR differs from the way many other BYOND games are made, and it also has significant differences from any consoleHM game. But, being so different from what players normally expect, it is very common for players to have no idea what they are doing when they first enter the world. So, to help you through the sharp learning curve of HM: TR. I'm going to assisit you with your first steps. It's going to be a little challenging and perhaps confusing at parts, but as many players will tell you, HM: TR is among one of BYOND's best games, and as its player base grows, so does the fun!

Eh, How do I do stuff?

Good question. When you first logged in you may have seen a message come up in green. That message basically told you that you needed to click the Question mark in the blue bubble at the bottom right of your screen. You see, Harvest Moon: Trinity ranch is a macro based game. What that means to you is that instead of having buttons to click to do things, you can press buttons on your keyboard to do things. Here is a more detailed list of what the macros are and what they do

Z - Pick up an item, Drop an item, Give an Item to someone else
X - Switches your active tool
C - Use an item, Use your active tool, Talk to NPCs
E - Examine an item's information
Space - This places say on the pink command line at the bottom of the screen. All you need to do is hit space and type your message. This will display a message to the world
W- This places whisper on the pink command line, similar to how say works. This will display a message to the person you are facing.

So those are the basic macros, feel free to give them a try, I know that you probably want to do some experimenting with them, so go on ahead and play with them.

If you need to see these macros again, click the ? in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

When you finish checking out what the macros do, I would re-log, This will give you a fresh start and get you back to the starting point.

If at any time you need help or get lost, ask the player's they will often lend a helping hand.

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