The Basics Of Farming

Now that you have your new bag of seeds, advoid pressing C at any cost (for the moment atleast) and head back to start. DO NOT LOG OUT, follow the path back to start, similar to what you did to get to jacks house


1) Head back to the start


2) Find a spot where no one else is farming and set down your seeds useing Z! The area may be infested with weeds(such as shown above) To get rid of weeds, and you have to do and pick them up and drop them, and they will break.


3) Now we need to plow a 3x3 square, This is shown is the picture above. To make this, you must switch your active tool from whatever it may be now, to a hoe. To do this, Press X till you see it, The hoe looks like what it does in the screen shot's active tool slot.


4) Now you need to return to the starting area again, DO NOT RELOG! If you are having trubble finding the starting area from your plot of plowed land, walk stright up till you pass a line of fence, if you pass a second line of fenceing you have gone to far, Then walk to your left. If you pass a fence line, you have gone too far. This will get you close to The starting point.


5) Now follow the path to your right, Go past Jacks House and the path ends at a outbuilding.


6) This is the Basic Tool Shed. There are many different Types of tools here along with a few items, These will be descused later. Right now you need to grab the Water Bucket, Located in the Bottom Left hand connor of the shed. You exchage it as your active tool by pressing Z.


7) Now that you have to watering can, head back to the start point (follow the path you took to get here) and go directally above it to the water. Use your watering can here useing C, This will fill up your watering can.


8) Now you can water your spaces of land. Press C while faceing one to water it. Crops must be watered everyday or they will not grow.


9) Now we can acutally plant the seeds. To do this, Stand in the MIDDLE of your 3x3 square and press C.


10) Crops will grow when it turns daytime. Make sure you water your crops everyday!

Now while we are waiting for your crops to grow, lets explore a few more places!

Proceed to: The Inn

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