The Harvest Goddess

X. The Wish Fairy

- Learn where the wish fairy is.

- Understand how to gain wish points.

- Learn about the different wishes.

HMgoddessstatue.jpgThe wish fairy can be found as #13 on the HM: TR Map (See HM TR Map)

To receive wish points you must bring a item to the wish fairy statue and press[i] z [/i]while facing the statue and she will change into a fairyHMgoddess.jpg, The Following message will appear: The Harvest Goddess says: Wow, <Insert The item you gave her here>, your very kind <Insert your key here>, I will make sure this goes to someone who needs it. (you have earned some Wish-Points)

If you Press c while facing the statue, a box will appear, it will also tell you how many wish points you have.

The list of wishes:

Gold - 350 wish-points - Gives a random amount of gold (Between 100 to 5000 gold?)
Restore stamina - 400 wish-points - Completely restores your stamina
Restore stamina everyone - 1700 wish-points - Completely restores everyone stamina
Rain - 700 wish-points - makes the weather rainy tomorrow
—Please Note: Wishing for rain requires serval million wish points.
Healthy animals - 900 wish-points - cures your animals of sickness
Speed - 120 wish-points - makes you run at frantic speeds for a short time (similar to the booster berry) also this not recommend using.
Cure Sickness - 400 wish-points - Cures your sickness
Play some music! - 600 wish-points - Allows you to play a song to the world

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