The Inn

Now we will go to the Inn, The Inn is a very important place, here is where you can restore your stamina. If you remember the diary in Jacks house, you add a stamina stat (which was probley 50/50). But what you do when it reachs 0/50 is that you need to rest in a bed. There are also some nice freebies you can get from the inn


1) Head back to the cross section that is to the right of the charity shop.


2) Now go up.


3) Now continue going up, untill you reach the rather large intersection.


4) Now follow the path to the left


5) now when you reach the end of the path, you will be at the entrence of the inn.


6) Now that we are in the inn, walk over and talk to ol pete

Ol Pete says:
ah ha you must be the new rancher in town, Im Pete, everyone calls me Ol Pete cause Im so old, sigh. Anways since your new in town lemme help you out alittle, I no longer ranch myself so I will set you up with some lumber and fodder to start, it isnt much but it should help.
Lumber increased by 35, Fodder increased by 20

He gives you 35 free lumber, and 20 free pieces of fodder, these will come in handy later when we begin animal ranching


Now lets talk to the Innkeeper

The Innkeeper says:
Welcome to my Inn, you can sleep here during the night, or purchase some of my own creations.
oh by the way, there is a great take out place just out side of town but they deliever this far, my wife works there if you ever want to order some fine food call 466-1234>.

He gives you a phone number to call mcduffles. You can call mcduffles on the red telephone to your left


Now head into the room directly above you, where all the beds are. This is one of the best ways to regain stamina. To sleep in a bed, all you have to do is stand on top of it for a few seconds. You can check how much stamina you have in the diary to the right of the innkeeper

Now that you have your stamina fully recovered, run back to your crops!, its problye the next day and they need watered again!


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