Unpowered Juicer

Examining Unpowered Juicer (Common item)
Cost - 2500
Sale - 0
Info - Hmm this machine doesn't seem to be working.. yet!

Used by Brewers to create items (see brewer recipes)
You can not buy this item by normal means. You were suppose to earn the right to buy the juicer by buying a Trinity Toy collectors bag from the peddler, Filling it with the 3 Trinity toys that you get from Mcduffles semi happy meals, the turtle, the duck, and the snail. But this quest was bugged (see IMPORTANT HOSTING INFORMATION for means to obtain it)

The Juicer may be powered by using a power source that you obtain from the peddler on it.

You can buy the juicer at the Machine Shop (See Shops and Goods)

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