The following is a list of updates made by Higoten to Harvest Moon: Trinity Ranch via the HMworld.sav:

1) Squrials can no longer enter the beach on their own.
2) Players can no longer enter the vineyard illegally.
3) Players can no longer enter the seed shop illegally
4) Players can no longer enter the mine outside of winter
5) Scratch Cards added to the casino.
6) Added an emergency exit to the mine.
7) The Charm of the Bull added to the main farming area's tool shed.
8) The Titan's Glove and Heart Stone added to the charity.
9) Power Berries added to the Inn.
10) Booster Berries have been restricted.
11) Most of the in-game tutorial has been added.
12) Boiled eggs can now be bought at the Inn.
13) You can now purchase a license to use the Blaster Hoe at the 3rd shed.
14) Whirl Wind Scythes packages can now be given to Higoten in exchange for a Package that a non-farmer job can use.
15) You can now purchase the Unpowered Juicer from Ann's Tool Shop.
16) A few new informational signs have been added
17) Additional storage tokens can now be bought at the wood shop.
18) New sheet Medal and Nuts and Bolts spawns have been added to the great forge to prevent Blacksmiths from getting stuck.
19) Previously unusable beds (like the ones in NPC houses) now work.

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